Yes, it is truly finished.

The studio this time, and here are some images. The first is looking back towards the door and the second is from the door.

I did paint the walls but the smell of the paint got the better of me (a five day migraine) so PJ finished it off, then I did the floor. It’s not brilliant but to be honest I was past caring by that time and couldn’t bear to put a fourth coat on the walls. The first coat of 50/50 paint and water straight onto the plaster was very messy.

It doesn’t look very big now it is finished and once the Weavers Bazaar Pop Up Shop and a desk (two bedside tables and a bit of MDF) got in there I began to wonder if there would be room to weave. I have now lugged all the yarn down from the loft, (took the nasty rug yarn I am never going to use to the textile bank) and there is room to weave but it will be a case of having to be very organised. As you can see in the photo’s, the ‘organised’ hasn’t quite started yet. The blind for the window has just arrived so that can go up over the weekend.

It is lovely just to have somewhere quiet to catch up with emails and stuff, although the laptop is behaving badly, the studio is a bit of a faraday cage due to the foil on the insulation. I am sure the scientists amongst you will say you can’t have a ‘bit of a faraday cage’ but I can send and receive emails and I can get onto the internet most of the time if I know what website I want but I cannot do a google search at all. I have some sort of booster thing for the broadband but it hasn’t cured it.

So I feel like I am spending a lot of time just sitting staring at the walls. I have started the next tapestry, it is a tapestry of a postcard someone sent my Mum and she said she would like a tapestry of it, so I have started. It is leaning against the wall in the second photo, not that you can see it very well. I keep telling myself it will be good experience but am not very enthusiastic. I have the second of the latest diptych to do and then another diptych after that and then 3 x 30cm square portraits. And then there is the 3D pod which will have tentacles (don’t ask). So no time to stare at the walls, I think the ‘sloth’ tapestry has to go up PDQ.

Next week I am off to Nottingham to look at a gallery for Heallreaf 3 and I have just spoken to someone in Tunbridge Wells who might be interested. I think I can do Nottingham without Arts Council funding but will still apply so we can do a masterclass and symposium. I might have to go and lie down just at the thought of it. Watch this space.



The tapestry that is, not the Studio.

The tapestry was a bit difficult towards the end. The tension got tight because I had to finish it weaving standing up. Not good for my back. I had to undo about four inches and it still goes in a bit. Part of the problem is not being able to get far enough away to look at it so you can’t see when it is getting tight until you realise that bit of weaving is getting really difficult. I know some weavers put a length of coloured yarn up next to the outside warps so they can see if it is going in but I just end up weaving it in which is a complete pain. Lets hope it will block more or less square. I don’t think it is as wonky as the photo suggests, actually I have just measured it and there is 3cm difference between the top and the bottom. Drat! That’s about 4%, it’ll be interesting to see if I can block it square or if that is too much to ask. I have to find somewhere big enough to block it, the studio will be big enough but I need a piece of MDF a metre and a half by 80cm.

Anyway that’s enough excuses here she is:

MFJ Textiles 171206-1-2

The colours are about right, PJ took the photo. I will cut her off later tonight.

So the next tapestry is the other half of this one and this is more or less how they will look:

Wings Diptych small

Only I have just realised that the above is the cartoon and I have the picture of the one I have woven upside down. It also shows where I didn’t keep very well to the cartoon, the bottom half of the cartoon, (top lef tof the woven piece) is very different, I wasn’t able to get all the mistiness in without it going sludgy. I think the final decision on top and bottom will happen when they are both woven. I won’t start the pale one until the new year when the studio is up and running. To have woven it beautifully faithfully to the cartoon it needed to be nearer 3 metres high not 1.5.

And talking of the studio, it is coming along nicely, the plasterer left at 7pm yesterday so I have been out there stroking the plaster. I love the texture, it is so smooth, it always fascinates me, the plasterer said it took him eight years before he was allowed to go out and plaster walls, I can believe it. Michael is back today putting the lights in and I warned him that once the lights are in he might arrive and find me in there weaving. I am wondering what colour to paint it. White is so stark and I quite like the Dulux light and space paint which we used in the bedroom and it really does create a brighter room. The trouble is all the colours they do are quite cold colours and I was thinking of a very pale greeny yellow. Sounds horrid but I know what I mean, a sort of very pale khaki. I think I might have to get some testers, or leave it all pink and plastery.

So that’s it for now.

Getting there

Yes hurrah work has started on the studio. The name has morphed slowly from workshop through workio to woodio and is now studio. Michael our intrepid builder started at the beginning of last week. This does mean that the house is full of all sorts of stuff (old junk?) including the new toilet and sink for the cloakroom (which is next to the studio) which are sitting in the middle of the living room floor. Michael works on his own and has obviously got used to doing two or three man jobs without any help at all. Below are some (poor) images of him putting in a new load bearing ridge beam, to me it is a feat of engineering, IKB would have been proud.

So the first picture is from the putside showing the beam going in the hole he has made in the end wall of the studio. The second picture is the beam just poking in on the inside and the third picture is the block and pulley he set up to take the weight. So he rushed backwards and forwards pushing a bit from one end and then pulling from the other until he got it all the way through and resting on brick work at the other end. This was so he could cut off the supporting beams going across the roof at about 7 ft off the ground so I have more height to get a scaffold frame in. He has since screwed this beam into place and done a pile of electrics and insulation. Unfortunately it is very dark in there as he had to take the window out. This was because the very first job was to take up some of the concrete floor and it made SO MUCH DUST he had to take the window out for ventilation.

I stupidly ordered the wrong extractor fan so that had to go back but now the company are saying they only got the little controller (on/off switch to me) not the fan itself. Hopefully I can get them to realise that a parcel weighing over 9kg simply HAD to have the fan in as well. The wrong fan was ordered due to my email going wrong, poor excuse I know but for some reason btinternet decided to ditch half my emails without me realising and refused to acept many and would only download occassionally . I think I have it sorted but am not sure. It has to be BT because the google mail accounts I use for Heallreaf and Tapestance are working fine. Fortunately the new (smaller) fan has arrived and hence Michael is starting electrics. I will never understand electricity. My Dad always used to say ‘it’s volts that jolts and mills that kills’. I have no idea what it means and where do ohms and amps come in. Lets just say ‘it is like magic’ and leave it at that.

So weaving has taken a bit of a back seat what with getting the workshop ready to turn from a caterpillar into a butterfly. (Building the chrysalis takes a lot of time.) However the last few days have seen me crack on with the big tapestry. Unfortunately I have realised that the small image I have had next to me isn’t quite complete, there is the equivalent of 6-8 inches (15-20cm) missing from the top. This isn’t the end of the world, I have other images but it does mean that my 3/4 of the way mark which I have just reached isn’t 3/4 of the way. More like 2/3rds. Sigh. I still hope to get it finished by the end of the year.

Here is the latest image. The white in the middle is a bit burnt out as usual, my ipod takes good photos but not in the confines of the spare bedroom. There are bits that I look at and think ‘wow that’s amazing’ and there are bits that I am not so happy with. I have played loose with the cartoon, to be honest to have reproduced it faithfully (which would have been nice) would have meant weaving it 2 or 3 times bigger. I have woven just over a metre high so far and there is another half metre to go, plus the selvedge. Better get on then.


Back again – so soon

Yes it is rare for me to post again so soon but I have lots of pictures to share:

Firstly, Anne Jackson’s exhibition at The Museum in the Park in Stroud. Really, really good. I have started doing larger work lately and it reminded me why, the big pieces were not enormous, none more than 2 metres in any direction but the fact there were quite a few just reminded me how monumental tapestry can be. These photo’s are a bit blurred but I am not sure why, I can’t believe PJ would take such blurred photos. Sometimes I think it is this new laptop, although it looks better when I preview this page so maybe the computer just doesn’t download to a high standard whilst I am writing this. There again maybe it is my eyes, I seem to have spent a long time gazing into this screen over the last few days.


Secondly, I have finished dyeing the yarns for the top of the big tapestry. The colours are these:

The dye is a mixture of pink and turquoise. Unfortunately the turquoise in particular doesn’t like mixing with other colours. I chose turquoise because if you look at the one in the bottom right corner that was dyed with pink and blue the blue is too strong, the turquoise gives a much acidier colour as I mentioned in the last blog. So the yarn is not uniformly dyed and is patchy. I don’t think it will matter as I will be blending them with each other and different colours. I am quite itchy to get back to weaving this piece, I had wanted it finished by the end of October but I think the end of the year is being hopeful. I have spent this week doing the final Arts Council Funding report and generally tidying things up and catching up on computer stuff.

And talking of the end of the year, the studio is actually coming along, the builder starts next Monday (23rd) but doesn’t think it will be finished until January. He is half retired so doesn’t work long days hence the length of time it will take. Well, I am assuming it is that. We had a bit of a tizz with the insulation, apparently it has been taken off the market, some reason following the Grenfell Tower fire. He has managed to get it but the price has gone up and I get the impression he has ordered a board of insulation from here and another from there in order to get enough. I don’t know what we would have done otherwise as it is special in as much as it is quite thin, about 2 inches thick I think and all the other stuff is much thicker and that would have caused all sorts of problems as it would have been too thick for the gaps. I will have a smoke alarm and carbon mono oxide detector in there so am not terribly worried and we have it in the bathroom too. Something else I have been doing is sorting out radiators and extractor fans and other things for the studio.

And three, here is a photo of the piece I have just finished that I started on Pat’s lettering course:

The lettering is quite high in the tapestry because I was going to do another word overlapping the end of sloth and a bit lower but decided that I would stick with ‘Sloth’. The word came out of a discussion on what the colour made me think of and one of my friends on the course mentioned about how sloths get green algae growing on their fur. I have always loved the word and I approve of being slothful at times. I think I will hang it in the studio when it is finished to remind not to be slothful and lazy and to get off my bottom and do some work.

I have also done some experimental painting today. ‘Experimental and painting that doesn’t sound like you Margaret’ I hear you cry. Well, no it isn’t, painting is far too messy for me generally and this is even messier than normal. It involves thinning acrylic paint and then mixing several colours by pouring them individually into a pot and in between adding WD40 which is just a silicon lubricant. Then with all the colours and the WD40 in one pot you give it a bit of a shake and then turn it upside down onto your canvas/board, you then pick the pot up quickly emptying the paint mixture out onto the board and then you sort of tip is and blow it until the whole board is covered with these amazing swirls:



They are a bit shiny in places as I am still waiting for the paint to dry. the first one was on a plastic sheet so the surface is very smooth but the second two are on small square linen panels so you can see the texture in places, especially where it is wet and shiny. The plastic sheet didn’t work terribly well as in places the WD40 hit the plastic first and then the paint didn’t take and just slid off. If I was to use the plastic again I would put a layer of primer on it first.


So I have just had a quick look at the last post and found all sorts of typo’s. I can only apologise, I am not normally that illiterate but I blame the new laptop, it can’t type. I recently wrote a review on Amazon about my God daughters book and did it from the tablet which uses predictive text. I didn’t realise til aferwards what it had said, nothing untoward but total gobbledegook in places. Ah gobbledegook, that’s a word to get your own back on predictive text. I have just found out that the new laptop does predictive text as well, I might have to turn it off if I can find out how to. Some years ago I tried to text PJ and because of the predictive text I couldn’t get it to say anything but ‘cabbages’ so I sent that anyway and he rang me to see why I had sent him a text saying ‘cabbages’. It worked, he called me back. Job done.

So the exhibition in Haslemere finished last Saturday the 30th. I think the best I can say is that it looked good, none of us are going to retire on what was sold (!).

I am still dyeing yarn for the latest weaving, I realised that the nice cerises from Weavers Bazaar were not quite the right colour, they need to be acidier and purplier. Consequently I am back to dyeing. I know starting to dye a colour when you are half way through a piece is not really the thing to do but if I hadn’t started weaving it I would have spent the next year stressing over whether I had the perfect colours.

I recently contacted two artist who are artists in residence at The Department of Genetics at Leicester University. They are putting together a collaborative exhibition piece  on the theme of DNA and wanted lots of artists ans scientists to each put a piece of work in a petri dish. So I sent them my address and they sent me a petri dish in which to put my contribution. It arrived on the 1st October and needed to be posted back by the 5th. Gulp!

Anyway I was fortunate to have booked on Pat Taylor’s ‘Weaving Text’ course at West Dean from the 1-4th October so I went in with my little cartoon and as usual the tutor turns up with quite basic ideas and I say ‘oh but I want to weave this’. (They must hate it when they see my name on a student list.)

And here it is sitting in its petri dish, never to be seen my me again.

So, just to explain. Mazzalini is my maternal grandmother’s maiden name and we have recently got some family history done. It is very interesting, I think Great Uncle Antonio might feature large in a future work, as might Great Grandma, who wasn’t a Mazzalini but we have a photo of each of them which does make a difference.

Anyway back to Mazzalini – so as I have Mazzalini DNA I thought it was all coming together at the right time to be part of this work. The red oval inside the image is a representation of an eliptical red blood cell as it seems the condition ‘eliptocytosis’ has come down from the Italian side of the family. Eliptocytosis means you have lots more than usual eliptical red blood cells. Apparently we all have eliptical red blood cells as they go that shape when they are squashed through the capilliaries and then they become round again when they have space, but some of us don’t manage to turn them back to round ones again afterwards. Red blood cells with attitude it makes me so proud.

I have always wanted to do a piece with loads of petri dishes, not necessarily weaving. When I was at college I did think about growing mould in them and photographing them at various stages. It was PJ doing the OU course that set me on that one. He had to pour Heinz tomato soup into a shallow dish and then cover it and wait to see how much mould grew thereby assessing how many bacteria were in the air. I believe it had to be Heinz, I am not sure whether that was because it was such an excellent growing medium or it just ensured a standardisation within the experiments as many students did the task. Suffice to say I have never bought Heinz tomato soup since but to be honest I probably never bought it before either.

Going to Anne Jackson’s PV tomorrow on Stroud:

I think it will be a good exhibition, she has been putting the work together for years.

Next blog will have a photo of the main piece of work I did at Pat’s text course, I am quite pleased with it, just have to finish a bit off and need to do that by the 19th when I next see Pat.

I have read through but apologies for typo’s.

Exhibition Up and Running

So it all seemed to go well yesterday with the preview of the exhibition. Here are a few photo’s:

I haven’t included any with people in, it was very crowded and although PJ took lots of photo’s of everyone it is a bit boring to post them here if you don’t know who the people are. The exhibition looks good, although the work is all very different I think the fact it is all professionally exhibited means that it looks coherent. Well, I tell myself that anyway.

Nothing sold yesterday but it is on til the 30th September and it isn’t always about selling, I mean it is nice to but just getting your work out there is the main thing. We open again on Tuesday as the Museum is shut Sunday and Monday.

The latest on the studio is that the quote was a whopping £16,000. This included having what was the old outside toilet turned into a sensible cloakroom and few other bits and pieces but it seems an awful lot of money. The second quote after I took out all the frills and niceties came in at £13,000. A third builder is due on Tuesday so maybe the downward price trend will continue. I have found the lights I want but that seems a bit pointless at the moment. We have also got a bit bogged down with things like building regs and planning permission as we live in a conservation area and the South Downs National Park. I never thought it would be this complicated.

So back to weaving, this is my latest, I haven’t decided on a name, possibly I will call it ‘Fallen’. It is diptych and this is the first half of one of the tapestries. They are each about 70cm wide and 140cm high, which is the biggest I could go on my frame at the moment. I would have liked them bigger but there you go.

The colours are tricky and the light where I am weaving wasn’t very good for the photo and I was leaning over standing on one leg to take it but you get the general idea. You can just see at the top where the red colours (Weavers Bazaar ruby range) are starting to go into the pinks (Weavers Bazaar cerise range). I dyed all the greens myself and at last count had used over 40 colours. I have never woven anything with such a complicated image and there have been times when I have just wanted to hide from it. The cartoon is a bit hit and miss but the tapestry should still bring across an interpretation of the imager. I don’t think I will be showing the original image and the tapestry next to each other. The second part of the diptych is all pale and washy so I hope they will look good together. I have also written some peotry to go with it, but can’t find it on the computer at the moment. I hope I haven’t lost it.





Next Exhibition

So, I have barely got over Heallreaf 2 and the next exhibition is due to open on the 9th September at Haslemere Museum.

It is a group show with friends from West Dean days and PJ who will be exhibiting some of his lovely photo’s.

The website is








So I hear you ask, what are you weaving? Well, I am taking a short break from the diptych in order to weave some pods for the exhibition:

It is a close up as I am not sure about the rest of it and it isn’t quite finished yet, it needs sewing up and squishing into shape. They will all be red or red and black, except the one which is red and gold. Gosh I had trouble finding my lurex, put it in a safe place. and it took ages to find it.

I am torn between carrying on with these pods (I have some amazing ideas brought about by going to Art in Clay on Sunday) or get back to the flat weaving which I love and too be honest is far less fiddly, well, generally less fiddly, especially as I am currently thinking of pods with tentacles. I also wove a ‘jellyfish’ in fishing line but am not entirely happy with it, it is okay but lacks the sophistication and finish that I require. I am not sure I can make it as beautiful as it needs to be.

I mentioned in my last blog that PJ’s workshop was being cleared so I could use it as a studio, here it is:






and from the other direction






It is just about 3 metres square and is looking very small at the moment but as you can see it still has stuff in it, some mine and some tools and the like that will need new homes. The builder has been and I am just waiting for the quote. A bit scary as I have no idea at all what it will cost. It is only a single skin building at the moment so it will be insulated and plastered and painted and a sink put in one corner with an extractor fan so I can do dyeing without the fumes. I am hoping for velux windows if they aren’t too expensive.

I was down to teach three courses for Anglia Leisure Courses this year but the first two have been cancelled due to lack of interest, the last one is 10th – 12th November but I don’t know whether it will come off, it was worth a go anyway.

I received an email from Qest yesterday saying that as a Scholar I can automatically become a member of the Society of Designer Craftsmen, so I am seriously thinking of doing that. It will mean opportunities to exhibit more in London and at Collect. For those that don’t know, ‘Collect’ is an incredibly expensive craft fair run by the Craft Council and Saatchi, you aren’t allowed to sell anything for less than £500 and I expect that has gone up since I last looked. I know the powers that be at West Dean would not approve (it’s ‘craft’ after all) but I just think I need to get my work out there as much as I can whether it is in the craft arena or the fine art arena.

Next post will probably be pictures of the exhibition and the pods so watch this space.

Heallreaf 2

I am assuming anyone who is reading this will have already come across the exhibition somewhere else. PJ, Mike and I went to London on Monday and set the exhibition up and the private view was Tuesday night. It sort of went well, I would have been happier with a few more people there and a few more not weaving people there as well but I had a call from the gallery today and they said they have been very busy so that’s good.

So if you want to go it’s at the Brick Lane Gallery that’s 216 Brick Lane London E1 6SA and it closes Sunday at 6pm. It looks very good even if I do say so myself and as I write this blog I am hoping PJ will be sending the photo’s he took at the PV down the stairs, via the internet of course, and I will upload some at the end of this post.

So I have actually started weaving, but not the image in the last post. I have gone back to a diptych I put together some time ago but Weavers Bazaar have only just got the colours I asked them to dye for me, lots of what they are calling Cerise and Ruby colours like these:

ubergine Aubergine Cerise 20 Cerise 20 Cerise 2 Cerise 2 Maroon Maroon
Cerise 10 Cerise 10 Cerise 9 Cerise 9 Cerise 8 Cerise 8 Ruby 1 Ruby 1

And I have been dyeing the greens myself but will probably add some Weavers Bazaar greens in as well.

In between doing this I am trying to clear out PJ’s old workshop in order to use it as a studio. Success, I called a nice company in Littlehampton this morning and next Thursday morning they are coming to (hopefully) buy the lathe and all sorts of other bits and pieces. Hurrah! They are not sure about the bandsaw as it is difficult to get parts – so sell it for spares I thought but didn’t say anything. There are huge amounts of blocks for woodturning, making bowls and stuff so I might try to get in touch with the local woodturning group and see if they want them. PJ is out whilst I am doing this fingers crossed he hasn’t decided to take up wood turning again in the last few hours.

So, below are some images from the show, it looks lovely, the vinyl lettering on the window gave me a moment when it stuck in the wrong place but it only has to stay until Sunday night.


Heallreaf 170627-82

Heallreaf 170627-34




Technology eh!

So, I wrote this post and then it fell over and I lost everything I had written, not even lurking somewhere as a draft.

So what’s new? Well, I heard from the Artapestry5 jury and yes they like the triptych and it has been accepted. Hurrah – that’s 600 or more hours of weaving vindicated. So it is off to Denmark somewhere around the end of the year – loads of time to put the felt backing on!

The course at West Dean seemed to go well, here are some images of work by the students: (this is where it fell over last time so I am getting them in early before the laptop does it again and so I don’t lose loads of typing.) The students were all lovely artists and worked very hard over the three days.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Not everyone was keen on the ‘show and tell’ at the end of the course so not all the work is there, to be honest I can’t blame them it isn’t really what I like to do at the end of the course. Anyway we all got through it which was quite remarkable bearing in mind I popped home at the end of the first day to pick up a few things and some idiot drove into the back of my car and wrote it off. I would post a photo of my bruises but there is such a thing as decency, there again anything can be art.

Just after that we went away for a few days to Lynmouth and had a lovely time in a nice hotel called The Bonnicott House Hotel where I might add they do the most amazing eggs benedict for breakfast. The best day was the one where we walked up through the sea mist and sat for some hours on a hillside watching the mist come and go – PJ got some lovely pictures but also some lovely bites and I met some not so lovely ticks, fortunately I never go anywhere without my trusty tick remover.

So I do need to get some weaving done, I have Heallreaf 2 in London almost organised, just got to check a few things with the gallery, pay the deposit on the van and do a hanging plan, oh and order the vinyl lettering, so maybe not as organised as I thought. There should be an ad in the July/August Selvedge magazine, please let me know if you see it. The proposals for Heallreaf 3 are just about to go out, yes I know it’s not til 2019 but I thought the people I am sending them to might want to come to the London show.

So what about weaving you ask? Well, there are lots of ideas floating about, there’s the diptych which I am still waiting for some yarn to be dyed for, there’s the 3D fishing line pod with a smaller red pod inside, there’s the experimentation of several layers of warps on one piece looking like tendons in the human body and there is the latest piece which is based on one of my drawings and I can’t decide whether to go back to square or go round again, it was going to be square but I think round works well. Here is an image of the cartoon, it gives a general idea but I always carry so much of the finished image in my head it truly is just an approximation,

Drawinga-1.1- small


Hopefully by the next blog I will have started it. It was going to be 120 cms wide as a square so I suspect the circle will be something in that region in diameter.








As usual….

a lot seems to have happened since the last post. I got an email back from the organisers of ‘Artapestry5’ and they said my triptych was eligible so I cracked on and this is the result:

Jones.Into the Void - Full View

It is about 2.3 metres wide, each tapestry being about 75cm in diameter. Fortunately the deadline was extended from the 31st March to 15th April. This was very useful as Mum was poorly again with her third chest infection in 6 weeks. Then Heallreaf 2 had to be set up and my photographer and general helper went down with some sort of flu bug and spent best part of a week in bed. I think he has given it to me as I am starting to feel a little under the weather. At least the show is up and running and I just have to be well for Wednesday which is the PV 5-7pm. The show was very quiet yesterday, only 19 visitors but was busier today with over 50. You just never know.

So now I am a trifle lost, no weaving on the go and no tapestry exhibition to organise. What am I going to do with myself? Well, maybe just head for my bed for a bit. Between two poorly relatives it has been regular to have nights with only 3 hours sleep and whilst we all joked when I was at college that ‘sleep was over rated’ I am very fond of my bed and goose down duvet and pillow.

Needless to say the house is very untidy and grubby so I feel duty bound to do a bit about that before launching into the next tapestry project, I have a big diptych organised but got Weavers Bazaar to dye some of the yarns for me and am still waiting on some colours so can’t really make a start on that yet. I have another in mind but am not sure how big to weave it. The Kate Derum awards in Australia are coming up in June and I would like to put something for that but the size limit is 30cm square so the drawing I was thinking of doing was going to be a metre square (ish) but then I thought maybe do it small and fine, but I think it will be better larger. It is an odd sort of surreal landscape and I still can’t decide whether to put in on a washy coloured background or a pale back ground. Some photoshop playing due I think. Maybe I could do it small and large.

I also have to do some work for the short course I am teaching at West Dean, a three day course on three dimensional sculptural tapestry.

Just one place left available – get it whilst it’s hot!

I am involved in an exhibition at Haslemere Museum in September and want to do a whole series of pods all about the size of a tennis ball ranging from red to black so I did start one of those today at the exhibition. I don’t usually like to weave whilst invigilating, it has it’s pros and cons but it was so boring yesterday I had to take something to do just in case today was as bad.

Yesterday I started writing the proposal for Heallreaf 3 in 2019.