Week Four

Hi there,

Well, week four has been and gone. Most of it was spent with Michael Brennand-Wood on a course about three dimensional stitch. Not that we stitched much. Michael’s work is quite amazing and you can look at his web site – http://www.brennand-wood.com. He has this amazing energy which wore us all out and was very generous with his time to all the students. He currently has an exhibition in North Wales which I am humming and haaing about trying to get to. It is a 5 hour drive each way which is just too much to do in a day but none of us want to be out of the studio for two days. We all feel a bit tense that there seems so much to do and time is already whizzing by terrifyingly fast.

the ‘Jellyfish’ – not a very good photo as it was taken on my phone.

During the week I managed to produce a jelly fish! Well, it is a sort of headdress but as you can see looks very much like a jelly fish with nobody in it. I am intending to produce another layer to be worn underneath it on the felt course next week. The headdress is woven but it is a sort of cross between weaving and macrame I guess because I wove it from the top down over a large bowl and I had to keep knotting rows to stop the stuff slipping off the ends of the warp. Does that make sense?

The piece I posted a picture of last week is now up in the studio and I am considering how to show it to it’s best advantage, I will take a photo in the next few days and post it during the week.

We also had our first aesthetics lecture on Friday. I am still trying to decide if the lecture was really complicated and hence I didn’t get it at all or that it was actually much simpler than I thought and I understood the concept completely. I suspect only next Fridays lecture will tell.

For those who might be wondering, yes I have done some weaving, mainly comfort weaving when things like aesthetics reading and making jellyfish got too stressful. I have a scaffolding frame to weave on in the studio which is just wonderful, my words when I started putting some warp on it was ‘I have got to get me one of these!’ Unfortunately I do not have the house room but I can work on that, after all, who really and honestly needs a living room?


Week Three



Waiting for the resist to dry


So here we are at the end of week three, or as I realised almost 10% through the course.

This week was a week of screen printing and painting onto fabric, I got quite messy, but not as messy as some. The attached picture (hoping it arrives in the right place when this is published) is of just over 2 metres of habotai silk waiting for the resist to dry and then it will be painted with grey and black dye. Those of you who have seen some of my other work might recognise the image if you can make it out, it is one I have worked with on and off for a while. There are 4 lengths of silk which will be hung one in front of the other. I had to lay out a large paper image on the table, then cover it with plastic and then put the silk on top of that to paint it as parts of the image needed to be consistently in the same place on each layer. Does that make sense?

It had been an odd week, what with PJ coming out of hospital from his appendix op. and also working a couple of evenings, it’s not a case of ‘don’t give up the day job’ more ‘don’t give up the evening job’. Fortunately none of my Reflexology clients seem to mind me turning up with dye stuck around my fingernails. I guess they are used to it and have know me for long enough to know what I am like.

That’s it for this week. I shall try to get the silk piece mounted this week and post a photo next weekend. It is a stitch course this week, but do not be fooled into thinking I am going to spend the week doing needlepoint and embroidery. I don’t know what I am going to be doing but I don’t think it’ll be that. Next Friday we have the first aesthetics lecture, maybe I’ll find out what it is all about, or still be completely mystified.


Whoo this is scary!


Welcome to the first post on my blog.

It really is scary technology. Whilst not being totally IT illiterate this is pushing the boundaries for me and as I type I am not sure what is going to happen with this thing. Half of me thinks it is rather egotistical to publish what is basically a public diary but so many friends have asked to be kept up to date it solves the problem of sending loads of emails and pictures individually.

Ah pictures, struggling with that one so the picture to the left is just an experimental download. It was the first ever tapestry I wove so it has been an experiment from start to finish. If anyone can tell me what ‘tags’ are please let me know. I have tried to make the font bigger too but that eludes me so far.

I am sure I shall get the hang of it eventually,