Week Four

Hi there,

Well, week four has been and gone. Most of it was spent with Michael Brennand-Wood on a course about three dimensional stitch. Not that we stitched much. Michael’s work is quite amazing and you can look at his web site – http://www.brennand-wood.com. He has this amazing energy which wore us all out and was very generous with his time to all the students. He currently has an exhibition in North Wales which I am humming and haaing about trying to get to. It is a 5 hour drive each way which is just too much to do in a day but none of us want to be out of the studio for two days. We all feel a bit tense that there seems so much to do and time is already whizzing by terrifyingly fast.

the ‘Jellyfish’ – not a very good photo as it was taken on my phone.

During the week I managed to produce a jelly fish! Well, it is a sort of headdress but as you can see looks very much like a jelly fish with nobody in it. I am intending to produce another layer to be worn underneath it on the felt course next week. The headdress is woven but it is a sort of cross between weaving and macrame I guess because I wove it from the top down over a large bowl and I had to keep knotting rows to stop the stuff slipping off the ends of the warp. Does that make sense?

The piece I posted a picture of last week is now up in the studio and I am considering how to show it to it’s best advantage, I will take a photo in the next few days and post it during the week.

We also had our first aesthetics lecture on Friday. I am still trying to decide if the lecture was really complicated and hence I didn’t get it at all or that it was actually much simpler than I thought and I understood the concept completely. I suspect only next Fridays lecture will tell.

For those who might be wondering, yes I have done some weaving, mainly comfort weaving when things like aesthetics reading and making jellyfish got too stressful. I have a scaffolding frame to weave on in the studio which is just wonderful, my words when I started putting some warp on it was ‘I have got to get me one of these!’ Unfortunately I do not have the house room but I can work on that, after all, who really and honestly needs a living room?

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