No Pictures today and this is really it til after Christmas

So, here are my grades:

Materials of the artist – Grade: 1 – YES!

Introduction to Aesthetics – Grade: 3 – Ha!

Drawing – Grade: 2 – Okay

Studio Work – Grade: 2 – I was only 2% off a 1 – must try harder.

Obviously the one I am a bit disappointed in is the 3 for Aesthetics which includes the essay. I worked really hard on it and had several jibbering sessions at midnight or later. I will get feedback on the 8th when I get back to college so hopefully will find out what I should have done/written. I would have been happier doing the essay later on in the course as I felt I needed more time to really read all I wanted to and assimilate it. Several of my fellow students asked the head of visual arts for his comments on their essays, I didn’t so maybe I should have done, I just thought it was odd to ask one of the people marking your essay for their feedback on the draft. By the time I realised it was accepted practice it was too late, I had jibbered enough and couldn’t bear the thought of going back over it yet again.

Enough of these excuses Jones, you got a 3, it was a pass, you don’t have to do it againĀ  – live with it.

The drawing mark was good as I don’t feel I have done huge amounts, so I am quite pleased with the 2 but chuffed to bits with 1 for materials of the artist. I did only just scrape into the 1 grade on that but I don’t care, a 1 is a 1.

I just get two grades next term (I think), one for more studio work and one for extended practice. The latter means I have to spend 6 weeks putting together a portfolio of other work, ie: not weaving. I am hoping to do photography but I do have to do lots of weaving too. I thought photography is really quick at producing images, unlike weaving so they might go together quite well.




That’s the end of term. Happy Christmas everyone.

My StudioThis is a picture of my bit of the studio. It looks a bit messy because the scaffold frame shows my weaving samples from the back. It is just about spick and span here waiting for the tutors to come round. I’ll be going in on Thursday to strip off the tapestry samples and warp up the frame ready to start a large abstract piece when I get back in January. No don’t groan at the word abstract I don’t think I’ve lost it completely it was always my intention to use this course to try to get further into the abstract side of things.

I get my grades on Friday so will do one last post over the weekend to let you know how well I did (or otherwise.)

Totally lost track of what week number I should be doing.

Call it essay stress or something. I do know however it is week 12 as it is end of term on Friday.

The essay had to be in by 4pm last Friday and I quite smugly got mine in the previous Tuesday. That of course doesn’t make it good, just early. My essay was about ‘darkness’ as in emotional darkness in art and how it manifests. Tomorrow has the tutors looking at all our work, so I have spent the day making my bit of the studio look pretty and tidy. (Ha! tidy that’s a joke.)

So, here is a picture of my latest piece of work. Don’t laugh just think macrame with attitude.macrame_edited-1 The picture is a bit fuzzy at the bottom oh and the top too, PJ wouldn’t approve of me posting such bad photograph. Actually it is pretty fuzzy all over but you get the idea, it is two ribbons of weaving and knotting all woven into each other.

Week Nine – Really Week NINE! Only 3 more to go

Okay so it’s a bit late but the essay is proving slightly more troublesome than I expected. Serves me right for being smug about it. Had a life drawing class today which was fine but I don’t really do life drawing as such, find me a nice interesting piece of anatomy to draw and I’m happy. The chap sitting for us today had lovely well defined collarbones, that’s the sort of thing I like drawing, forget faces and arms and legs and things. Feet are quite nice and hands, although they are supposed to be the most difficult things but when you’re not very good at any of it it doesn’t matter if they are considered difficult because it’s all difficult to me.

Had a crisis last week, I dropped my bobbin and bent it. Picture attached, it just shows how hard I’ve been working.

Oh dear the text has centered itself. This thing has a life of it’s own.bent bobbin 002