Week Nine – Really Week NINE! Only 3 more to go

Okay so it’s a bit late but the essay is proving slightly more troublesome than I expected. Serves me right for being smug about it. Had a life drawing class today which was fine but I don’t really do life drawing as such, find me a nice interesting piece of anatomy to draw and I’m happy. The chap sitting for us today had lovely well defined collarbones, that’s the sort of thing I like drawing, forget faces and arms and legs and things. Feet are quite nice and hands, although they are supposed to be the most difficult things but when you’re not very good at any of it it doesn’t matter if they are considered difficult because it’s all difficult to me.

Had a crisis last week, I dropped my bobbin and bent it. Picture attached, it just shows how hard I’ve been working.

Oh dear the text has centered itself. This thing has a life of it’s own.bent bobbin 002

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