No Pictures today and this is really it til after Christmas

So, here are my grades:

Materials of the artist – Grade: 1 – YES!

Introduction to Aesthetics – Grade: 3 – Ha!

Drawing – Grade: 2 – Okay

Studio Work – Grade: 2 – I was only 2% off a 1 – must try harder.

Obviously the one I am a bit disappointed in is the 3 for Aesthetics which includes the essay. I worked really hard on it and had several jibbering sessions at midnight or later. I will get feedback on the 8th when I get back to college so hopefully will find out what I should have done/written. I would have been happier doing the essay later on in the course as I felt I needed more time to really read all I wanted to and assimilate it. Several of my fellow students asked the head of visual arts for his comments on their essays, I didn’t so maybe I should have done, I just thought it was odd to ask one of the people marking your essay for their feedback on the draft. By the time I realised it was accepted practice it was too late, I had jibbered enough and couldn’t bear the thought of going back over it yet again.

Enough of these excuses Jones, you got a 3, it was a pass, you don’t have to do it againĀ  – live with it.

The drawing mark was good as I don’t feel I have done huge amounts, so I am quite pleased with the 2 but chuffed to bits with 1 for materials of the artist. I did only just scrape into the 1 grade on that but I don’t care, a 1 is a 1.

I just get two grades next term (I think), one for more studio work and one for extended practice. The latter means I have to spend 6 weeks putting together a portfolio of other work, ie: not weaving. I am hoping to do photography but I do have to do lots of weaving too. I thought photography is really quick at producing images, unlike weaving so they might go together quite well.



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