Late again

I still can’t believe where the time goes. I am nearly half way through the course and have assessments coming up on the 12th Feb. Have I already said that? Probably.

The black and white tapestry is now a lot bigger. It is going to be 108cm high and I have done 42cm. I have sort of got to the ‘let’s get it over with’ stage now so am furiously weaving. There have been some technical issues, the tension is going a bit funny and it should be 120cm wide but has shrunk by 3cm so I am not entirely pleased by that, it may block out square, it is only about 2 and a bit percent, I say about as calculating it properly would entail maths.

I am now wondering how best to show the photo’s I have taken for my extended practice. A book has been suggested but I thought that it would just look like a coffee table book. Mounted on the wall is fine but a bit boring, I wondered about a concertina book, either vertical or horizontal but my latest idea is to print onto acetate and layer another colour between the pages.

I would like to do some exotic origami which when it folds out each image appears on a fold of the paper but fear this is beyond me and I cannot work out an origami shape that would give appropriate flat surfaces. What ever I decide I will post a picture of next week. I am also thinking of printing some of the photo’s onto leather, just for the hell of it.


Late blog for last week

Well, what with snow and stuff I am all behind. No picture for this post but the big piece is now 25% done. It would be a lot more done if there weren’t so many lectures and things to go to. Next week seems to be wall to wall studio time so that should shift things along a bit. I spent yesterday in a makeshift photographic studio with PJ taking photo’s. I get two marks this term, one for studio work and one for ‘extended practice’. For this I have to produce a small portfolio of alternative work, ie: not weaving. Weaving was delayed as last thursday and friday saw me not in the studio but sitting at home doing some drawing.

That’s enough for now.

Back again

Here I am back again and already it is only 5 weeks to the next assessments. PANIC.

I have just started a large tapestry, well large for me around 1 metre square. The picture below shows it so far, which is about 10% complete, that doesn’t sound bad does it 10% done already. The warps don’t look very straight but I am sure that is just an illusion of the lens. I want to get it finished by the next assessments, it’ll be tight but I might manage it. It is a bit left field for me, very abstract but then I was thinking about it and realised this was the sort of thing that I got c- for at school. However my tutors have all been very positive about it so fingers crossed. For anyone who might be interested I am weaving from the back which is unusual these days, this is because I am trying out a new technique called ‘double weft interlock’. I keep rushing around to the front to check on it, hence there are some bobbins hanging down the front. It means you are more in control of all the ends but it does take a huge leap of faith to keep going and not get up and go around to see how it is doing every five minutes. Maybe a big mirror would help. The black isn’t just plain there are some textures in it which will become more apparent in the right lighting and as it grows. Watch this space, this is just about all I am going to be doing for the next 5 weeks so there won’t be many other pictures on here.

I got feedback on my essay marks last week which was good, he didn’t completely trash my efforts and I made copious notes just in case I have to write any more essays, you know, just in case I decide to come back and do another year here next year.

So that’s it for today, got to dash, times up, lots to do.Black and White Tapestry 1