Late again

I still can’t believe where the time goes. I am nearly half way through the course and have assessments coming up on the 12th Feb. Have I already said that? Probably.

The black and white tapestry is now a lot bigger. It is going to be 108cm high and I have done 42cm. I have sort of got to the ‘let’s get it over with’ stage now so am furiously weaving. There have been some technical issues, the tension is going a bit funny and it should be 120cm wide but has shrunk by 3cm so I am not entirely pleased by that, it may block out square, it is only about 2 and a bit percent, I say about as calculating it properly would entail maths.

I am now wondering how best to show the photo’s I have taken for my extended practice. A book has been suggested but I thought that it would just look like a coffee table book. Mounted on the wall is fine but a bit boring, I wondered about a concertina book, either vertical or horizontal but my latest idea is to print onto acetate and layer another colour between the pages.

I would like to do some exotic origami which when it folds out each image appears on a fold of the paper but fear this is beyond me and I cannot work out an origami shape that would give appropriate flat surfaces. What ever I decide I will post a picture of next week. I am also thinking of printing some of the photo’s onto leather, just for the hell of it.

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