Assessments today and more pictures

Yes, today was assessments but I won’t get the results until probably Thursday. I just get 2 marks, one for extended practice and one for studio practice. Yes that’s practice with a ‘c’, I keep looking up which is the spelling for the noun and which for the verb but can’t remember it so forgive my lack of memory. Talking of which, since starting this course it has been made plain to me that I can no-longer write a coherent essay, read a map, play the digeridoo or juggle. All these are things I was able to do until a few years ago and now I am completely inept at the them all? Is this a case of old age or what? Please let me know if you have any suggestions.

I went to London today and saw the textile exhibition at SOAS which was amazing. Not really my scene but still amazing, lots of ikat and embroidery to send you blind just looking at it let alone trying to do it.

Below is a picture of one of my photo’s. PJ dislikes them but that is because they aren’t what he thinks of as a good photo. Well, it is one of the ones that is on the wall of the studio so hopefully my tutors liked it today. It is of honesty seed pods if you’re not sure and it is the only one I have left in colour and not put into black and white. To be honest it looks better in the flesh.

Honesty colour

I will post again when I get my grades and also I’ll post a photo of my bit of the studio again and an update on the big black and white weaving.







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