Still Weaving

Black and white tapestrySo here is an image of the big one. It is 120cm across and was going to be 100cm high but it might be only 80 as there has been a redesign in the process. This is because I am not weaving with a cartoon behind it but sort of making it up as I go along. There is a big textured area in the black side which you can’t see in the photo and that has evolved not quite as expected.

I have spent most of the last two days designing the posters and flyers for the fundraising show in May. So not much weaving done there then. You know what it is like, designing by committee but there are three different options now and I am not doing anymore to them.

I have had three tutorials this week which has left my head in quite a spin, I think the third was a mistake but he was such a nice chap that I thought he might help. The trouble is he isn’t a weaver so he has started my head spinning in all sorts of directions. I must focus. I have feedback tutorials next week from the assessment marks so we’ll have to see what that brings.

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