End of second term

So it is two thirds of the way through the course. The big tapestry is now on the wall.

Number One d

It has proven very difficult to photograph due to the subtle nature of the composition. (Does that sound appropriately ‘arty’.) Anyway PJ has done the best job that can be done getting an image, you have to see it and get it in the right light for it to look it’s best. The lesson learnt I think is not to be too subtle. A close up is below, this shows some of the less subtle subtleties.

Number One e

So now I have to tell you my marks for the end of term. Exactly the same as last terms. 69% for studio work and 70% for professional practice, so once again one merit and one distinction.  I am consistent if nothing else.

I have also been offered a place next year to do the postgraduate or the first year of the MFA. So I am once again scurrying around trying to find funding, as if I have nothing else to do. It is at least something I can do sitting down as a few days before I cut this tapestry off the frame I cleaned my car and when I bent over to take the sponge out of the bucket I tore a disc and have been hobbling ever since. Well, it wasn’t too bad at first and I didn’t treat it with appropriate care so a week later it went again, this time with much more pain. I Number One fam now better but still cannot stand for more than a minute or so without an awful lot of pain. This means things like warping up the big frame for the next tapestry have got put back rather. I did get PJ to come and help warp it up but the warp I wanted to use just kept breaking and all that size in the studio was no good. It was obviously not meant to be so I think there will have to be some serious weekend work done in June to get it finished by the end of year show.

I have managed to bring a piece home to work on over the Easter holiday. It is a sort of negative/skeleton of the next piece so they will be a pair. I got the workshop to make me a metal frame, so the tapestry will be woven and displayed on this frame. It is made of about 1 1/2 cm diameter mild steel and is 120cm wide and 80cm high. They assured me it would be strong enough but it has bowed in the middle now I have warped it up. I shall see how it goes or I might have to get one made out of even bigger metal rods. The guys in the workshop are amazing, it took him about 15 minutes to make. I am wondering about getting some more made so I have weaving frames to hand whenever I want them.

This seems to have turned into a long bit of writing maybe to make up for not posting for so long. So I don’t think I’ll post again til after the Easter Holidays but who knows, I might get enthusiastic and post lots of pictures of the ‘skeleton weaving’.










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