Holidays what holidays

Yes you didn’t expect anything in the holidays did you? Well, here I am still working away. I thought I’d put up a few pictures of stuff that has slipped through the net over the last term ot two.

Below is a drawing which I am particularly pleased with and intend to enter it into the Derwent drawing prize later in the year. I doubt it will get anywhere but entering these things is good practice and it is always just what the judges like as well as technical ability. PJ says he doesn’t mind me putting on the blog as I guess it isn’t a very flattering picture of him but this is the sort of image I like to draw. I cannot be doing with the life models we get who are all young and beautiful and have smooth young skin, I want character and lines and yes sorry, a bit of pain maybe. Gosh that sounds sadistic, I was not poking PJ with a sharp stick or anything for this image honest. I was very pleased when a tutor from another course looked at it in passing and said it was very like a William Blake image. Yes! result.

The image isn’t the best quality in the world but I think I need to scan the original in rather than photo it. I may do a bit more to it over the next months, it needs to be a bit darker in places, just don’t want to over do it.

PJ drawing