Term three – it’s all downhill from here.

I know I haven’t blogged for ages. I am just so up to my ears in stuff I am not sure how I am going to get as far as July, but I expect I will.

The latest news is: We did a fund raising show at college last weekend and put in some work and got some visiting tutors to donate work and raised £1200. This all goes towards funding our end of year shows so we should be able to have a really good party for that much. That weekend I also put a couple of pieces into an exhibition on the Henley Arts Trail and I sold one. Image just hereFemale form. It is quite small but the quality isn’t good when any bigger. Also someone else wanted it after it was bought so I have to contact her as she might just commission a similar piece. As if I haven’t enough on my plate! Also I have been offered a place at an Arts fair in Chichester on the 28th September. This is supposed to be a prestigious thing like Art in Action in Oxford if you know it. I expressed an interest but they say you need to be invited. I do not think I will have anything to sell but will be there demonstrating and just getting my name out there.

I have started my next tapestry for the end of year show but it is going to be hard to get it finished, we have only 6 weeks weaving time left it seems. The studios have to be cleared about the 24th June in order to get them painted and ready for the end of year show.

Today Anne and I went to Stroud for an International Textile Symposium, it was quite interesting but they were all cloth weavers. Tomorrow PJ and I go to Collect, which is like an incredibly expensive craft fair at the Saatchi Gallery and we are also going to the National Portrait Gallery to see the Man Ray exhibition of photographic portraits. You sort of feel you have to make the most of going to London when it costs so much but I shall be jolly tired by the end of the day.

Next week I hope to hear about funding for next year.

I will try to post a picture of the new tapestry in progress next week.