Just about finished weaving


The Bubble is finished but I don’t think it is going to be called ‘bubble’ anymore. It will be cut off in the next few days and then has to be blocked out etc. We clear the studios next Monday and the technicians move in on Tuesday to move out our desks and get everything ready for the end of year show. Details below:

West_Dean_College_Summer_ Shows_Web_promo

Sorry it is such a poor image, I will probably email it to most people in the near future. I am at the London show on the Thursday evening – the private view and on Sunday morning. I am at West Dean every day except Thursday when I will be taking Mum shopping etc. It would be great to see a friendly face there.


I will post an image of the finished bubble. The seminar seemed to go well but when I said to my Tutor ‘at least no-one fell asleep’ he suggested I should aim higher than that! He didn’t ask me too many difficult questions anyway.

If anyone wants to ‘listen again’ the commercial weaving studio was on BBC Radio4’s Front Row last Friday being interviewed about the Unicorn Tapestry they have just completed. I went to the cutting off this afternoon, it was truly amazing, 4 years it took, it is 4 metres wide and about 2 or maybe 3 high, it’s difficult to say really.

That’s enough for now. Watch this space.


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