Done and Dusted

Well, that’s it, one academic year been and gone. I can’t quite believe it. For anyone out there who didn’t know, I passed. Once again I got 69% for studio work. I did not manage a distinction, an award or anything. We all passed on the course and out of 11 there where 4 distinctions, one of them was Anne, without whom I don’t think I would have got through the year. Not that that had anything to do with her getting a distinction.

Here is a photo of me getting my certificate that proves I now have a degree in visual arts.

awards dayPJ said I should have turned around so you could see my face but in fact I think the amazing job the hairdresser did of the french plait is much prettier.

I just noticed the last blog ended ‘I am off to argue with the government about funding’ and I am still arguing with the government about funding. You do wonder sometimes if we abolished government whether anyone would notice as they appear to be so incompetent.


I am having second thoughts about going back but if I do manage to get funding it would seem foolish not to. The college are being very encouraging but I vacillate from thinking it would be a good idea to thinking I just don’t have the energy to do it all again for a second and maybe third year.

I will post some pictures of the shows later. Mainly for my brother who for some inexplicable reason did not want to spend hundreds of pounds flying over from Florida to see them (!). I am really glad he didn’t as several people looked at my bit of the show and didn’t quite say ‘is that it?’ but I know what they meant, it didn’t seem much for a years work.