Still Arguing

Gwendoline2I am still here and still arguing with the government about funding. Well, arguing isn’t really the right word as that implies they are actively engaging in the process with me rather than just saying things like ‘it’ll take at least another 2 months’ and ‘it takes at least 10 working days from when the paperwork arrives in the building for it to get on the system’. College have suggested I apply for a ‘disabled student allowance’ for next year what with my ME and glaucoma but to be honest I can’t face going through it all again, especially as they need a letter from the GP and I have never bothered him with the ME, well, I went once and his attitude was ‘well what do you want me to do about it?’

Above is an image of Gwendoline, a much better one and she looks remarkably wonderful even though I do say so myself. Being married to an excellent photographer helps.



This is an image of a piece I have going into an exhibition in Australia. It is entered for 2 awards, one for tapestry weaving in general and also an ’emerging artist’ award. I hear at the end of the month (I think) if I have got either of the awards.

Margaret Jones - Kate Derum Award Hawk Moth Caterpillar




It is quite small, just as well as I had to post it to Australia.


This is a close up:

Margaret Jones - Kate Derum Award Hawk Moth caterpiller close up


If I do manage to get either of the awards the whole country will hear the yells of delight. Sorry of the images are not in line with the text, the thing is playing silly whatsits.








So many pictures. I am going to end with some of the end of year show, no I shall put in this link to all PJ’s lovely photo’s so anyone out there who might interested can have a look – that is if anyone is out there!


I also have two pieces going into the BTG exhibition in York in September I will post pictures next week – well, sometime anyway before I go back to college.