It hasn’t arrived

So, I called them yesterday and they said ‘we need confirmation of your attendance at college’.

So WHY didn’t they say months ago?

You find me less than a happy bunny. The nice people at Princes Risborough didn’t like my tapestries so they are now consigned to the growing pile of tapestry in the spare bedroom and anywhere else in the house I can find a small hole.

Next Saturday I am doing a day in Chichester at a thing called ‘ACE’ or ‘Arts and Craft Experience’. I am not sure how good it will be but I thought it was worth a go. I won’t be selling just demonstrating as I wasn’t sure I would have anything to sell and it is the first year this thing has been held so I didn’t want to spend lots of money on what might very well be a damp squib.

Please come along if you can, although I am sorry that it costs to get in. Details below:

Sorry, I was going to cut and paste the flyer but it is a pdf file which won’t do what it is told, which is odd, it should. As you can see the from the details it is run by the rotary club. I booked to do it because they said it was going to be like Art In Action, but we shall see. I had hoped to get some free tickets but I guess because all the Rotary Club stuff is for charity they aren’t giving out free tickets to exhibitors. You can tell I am not quite convinced about it can’t you?

Sorry no pictures today. I am just starting a tapestry which is to be put into a jury for an exhibition in Twickenham by 18th October. The theme is ‘Still Life’ so I am back to pomegranates again and am weaving away, at 6 ends to the centimetre which for any who doesn’t know it is excruciatingly fine and I am wondering why, except that is how my mind sees it. It isn’t quite going to plan but what does? I would post a photo of it so far but it is just black background so nothing very exciting.

Back to college a week tomorrow and so much to do before I go. I guess all the stuff I haven’t been able to find homes for I could just take back, that would mean I don’t have to think about it for a few more months.

This will be the last post before going back to college. I am just off to the loft to get the yarn for the coloured bit of the current pomegranate weaving. Yes, me and lofts, I promise to be careful, mind you, if I thought hitting my head again would keep me awake for three weeks like it did last time I might just be tempted, think of all the weaving I could get done!


Yo! It has arrived. Well, the ongoing story is:

Friday 9am – I get a letter dated 30th August right out of the blue telling me they are going to give me the funding and all I have to do is sign the acceptance form and send it back.

Friday 9.30am – I get a text message from them reminding me that I really must send back the acceptance form or I will lose the chance of getting the money. What are they on? I started this application at the beginning of April and all of a sudden because they have got their act together they are now the ones in a hurry? All their letters take a week to get to me so I assume that is normal.

Friday 10am – I get another text telling me that they have just received some paperwork in support of my claim and I will hear in 20 working days whether they will give me the money.

The letter says they are going to give the money to college on the 3rd September. How? I have only just signed and sent back the form today (the 6th) and they can’t send the money to college without my agreement to accept the funding.

I guess I have not reason why and take the money with both hands very quickly before they can change their minds. But the tactics have have worked as I will not be applying for the disabled student allowance. I just can’t go through all that again especially when I think it unlikely I will get it and I would feel a bit  of a fraud if I did.
I have never looked upon myself as having a ‘disability’ I have just been lucky enough in life so far to be able to work around the ME thanks to a very understanding PJ.

Here is a picture of the latest piece, the second for the Princes Risborough exhibition, I just hope one of them gets in. It is a bit curled at the edges as it hasn’t been blocked out yet, I am now frantically searching for the brass tacks. I know I had them at college and they are in a barley sugar sweets tin (no sweets left) but I can’t find them anywhere, the loft is the next port of call, I know a bag of stuff went up there just after the end of term. I only have until Sunday night to get them blocked out, dried and photographed.

This one is called Isobel. Don’t ask, I know no-one called Isobel.

IsobelOn to the next piece now, a ‘still life’ for a call for entries for a gallery in Twickenham. Deadline, 18th October.


Drat the antipodies.

Well, as you heard no great screams of delight you will have got the message that I did not win either of the Australian awards. I am a bit disappointed but to be short listed was really good and I was in some very good company on the short list, most of whom didn’t win either. Both the winning images were faces which was interesting, the Australian Tapestry Workshop seem to do a lot of portraits so I wonder if that might be why.

I got home last week to find an email in my inbox from a gallery in Dartmouth asking for more images of my work. They do a ‘Rising Stars’ exhibition in November showcasing artists who graduated this year. I am not holding my breath, the guy asked what medium I worked in so it isn’t as if he has seen a wonderful bit of my tapestry and wants to show it.

I am currently scurrying around trying to get two small tapestries done to put in for a juried exhibition in Princes Risborough. I did the first okay but the second I didn’t like so am doing it again but at 4 ends to the centimetre not 3, it just looked really chunky and clunky. I am then going to try to get a weaving done for a call for ‘still life’ which has come from a gallery in Twickenham. I know they have had exhibitions of weaving before so hope they will be sympathetic. It would be so good to get a weaving in an ‘art exhibition’ not just a ‘tapestry exhibition’.

We are off the see the BTG exhibition in York next week, followed by a trip to Kendal to see a Graham Sutherland exhibition and then down to the Tate Liverpool to see the Chagall exhibition – ooh that reminds me got to book tickets for the Chagall.

Below is an image of one of the small tapestries for Princes Risborough. It looks a bit wobbly round the edges but that is because it hasn’t been blocked out yet. This won’t be the photo I send for assessment to the gallery but I think blogs without pictures are a bit boring, especially artistic blogs. Although my Visual Arts tutor will not agree as his art is words. Don’t ask, it’s all a bit beyond me.HildaHaving decided to call many of my tapestries after girls names in order to maintain some sort of ambiguity, I decided out of the blue to call this one ‘Hilda’. I haven’t used names of people I know until now but it seems appropriate as I found out last Friday week that my friend Hilda had died that morning. She was 92 (ish) and didn’t really understand the idea of me going back to college, in fact her daughter told me she thought I was teaching rather than being a student. Bless, her was a lovely lady and I shall miss her so it seems right to keep this name, it was meant to be.

The application for funding has gone backwards. Yes they now want details of PJ’s income from PJ on a separate form and with a different ‘customer reference number’. How they are ever going to link it to my application I have no idea, in fact they won’t will they? The waiting time of 2 weeks for assessment has now gone up to 4 weeks due to the 18 year olds all getting ‘A’ level results and changing their minds about their courses. So it might arrive by the start of term it might not. Who knows? College have been really good and have rearranged my bursary so they pay for the whole of the first term which gives me until after Christmas to hope Student Finance can sort themselves out.


Sorry this was longer than intended. I will post again when I hear about the show in Princes Risborough and after that it will be back to college posts.