Yo! It has arrived. Well, the ongoing story is:

Friday 9am – I get a letter dated 30th August right out of the blue telling me they are going to give me the funding and all I have to do is sign the acceptance form and send it back.

Friday 9.30am – I get a text message from them reminding me that I really must send back the acceptance form or I will lose the chance of getting the money. What are they on? I started this application at the beginning of April and all of a sudden because they have got their act together they are now the ones in a hurry? All their letters take a week to get to me so I assume that is normal.

Friday 10am – I get another text telling me that they have just received some paperwork in support of my claim and I will hear in 20 working days whether they will give me the money.

The letter says they are going to give the money to college on the 3rd September. How? I have only just signed and sent back the form today (the 6th) and they can’t send the money to college without my agreement to accept the funding.

I guess I have not reason why and take the money with both hands very quickly before they can change their minds. But the tactics have have worked as I will not be applying for the disabled student allowance. I just can’t go through all that again especially when I think it unlikely I will get it and I would feel a bit  of a fraud if I did.
I have never looked upon myself as having a ‘disability’ I have just been lucky enough in life so far to be able to work around the ME thanks to a very understanding PJ.

Here is a picture of the latest piece, the second for the Princes Risborough exhibition, I just hope one of them gets in. It is a bit curled at the edges as it hasn’t been blocked out yet, I am now frantically searching for the brass tacks. I know I had them at college and they are in a barley sugar sweets tin (no sweets left) but I can’t find them anywhere, the loft is the next port of call, I know a bag of stuff went up there just after the end of term. I only have until Sunday night to get them blocked out, dried and photographed.

This one is called Isobel. Don’t ask, I know no-one called Isobel.

IsobelOn to the next piece now, a ‘still life’ for a call for entries for a gallery in Twickenham. Deadline, 18th October.


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