It hasn’t arrived

So, I called them yesterday and they said ‘we need confirmation of your attendance at college’.

So WHY didn’t they say months ago?

You find me less than a happy bunny. The nice people at Princes Risborough didn’t like my tapestries so they are now consigned to the growing pile of tapestry in the spare bedroom and anywhere else in the house I can find a small hole.

Next Saturday I am doing a day in Chichester at a thing called ‘ACE’ or ‘Arts and Craft Experience’. I am not sure how good it will be but I thought it was worth a go. I won’t be selling just demonstrating as I wasn’t sure I would have anything to sell and it is the first year this thing has been held so I didn’t want to spend lots of money on what might very well be a damp squib.

Please come along if you can, although I am sorry that it costs to get in. Details below:

Sorry, I was going to cut and paste the flyer but it is a pdf file which won’t do what it is told, which is odd, it should. As you can see the from the details it is run by the rotary club. I booked to do it because they said it was going to be like Art In Action, but we shall see. I had hoped to get some free tickets but I guess because all the Rotary Club stuff is for charity they aren’t giving out free tickets to exhibitors. You can tell I am not quite convinced about it can’t you?

Sorry no pictures today. I am just starting a tapestry which is to be put into a jury for an exhibition in Twickenham by 18th October. The theme is ‘Still Life’ so I am back to pomegranates again and am weaving away, at 6 ends to the centimetre which for any who doesn’t know it is excruciatingly fine and I am wondering why, except that is how my mind sees it. It isn’t quite going to plan but what does? I would post a photo of it so far but it is just black background so nothing very exciting.

Back to college a week tomorrow and so much to do before I go. I guess all the stuff I haven’t been able to find homes for I could just take back, that would mean I don’t have to think about it for a few more months.

This will be the last post before going back to college. I am just off to the loft to get the yarn for the coloured bit of the current pomegranate weaving. Yes, me and lofts, I promise to be careful, mind you, if I thought hitting my head again would keep me awake for three weeks like it did last time I might just be tempted, think of all the weaving I could get done!

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