It’s arrived!

Yes, I finally have funding, well, I have but they still haven’t yet paid the college the tuition fees, it is on it’s way. (I hope.) Apparently college need to tick yet more boxes but the Student Finance system is always down when they try.


Margaret Jones - Pomegranate2aThis is my latest tapestry – the pomegranate. The images had to be at the gallery in the 18th, hopefully they will like it enough to accept it. It would be particularly good as this is an art exhibition not just a tapestry exhibition. I hope to hear in a week or so.


I know, what is it about me and pomegranates?

So, I am now back at college and am in week four. I can’t believe it has gone so quick. Vicki hasn’t yet come back to college, so that leaves me all alone in the tapestry studio. I don’t mind, being of a somewhat unsociable nature it suits me fine.


The week before last I did a batik course. Well, I thought I had never done it properly so maybe I should find out what it is all about. To my surprise I really liked it and it is quicker than weaving. Now don’t get me wrong I am still a weaver but sometimes you need something quicker. When I was at the thing in Chichester someone took my details as they may have a commission for me and if they can’t afford weaving (I think they could they sounded like they were rolling in it) then maybe batik will be the answer as they specifically wanted textile rather than painting.

fish batik

This is one of the batik things I did. It was supposed to be with a Japanese bent hence the fish but I am quite pleased with it, it looks better in life. I think PJ took a better photo but I haven’t got my hands on it yet.


I think that’s all for now. I did do more batik but have no photo’s as yet. I am currently on a Japanese woodblock printing course. Don’t ask, I am totally worn out and it only started on Monday and goes on til Friday.