Week Five

I can’t believe it is week five ALREADY. Nearly halfway through the term and there is so much to do.
I have heard back about the pomegranate – they didn’t want it.

Not to be deterred, I have sent the images of the two big pieces off to the US to see if they will accept one in an exhibition touring next year. I hope it is Gwendoline as I am very fond of her and she needs to be seen. They will only take one piece. I am also going to send a piece to a gallery in the old Battersea Power Station. It has be be on the idea of tradition and culture so I am currently trying to tie in that theme with my piece called ‘Beach’. It will be a bit tenuous but it doesn’t cost anything to enter it so it is worth a try. Some galleries are very laid back about the criteria of these things. I have been researching a bit and did you know there is a ‘National Piers Society’. Gosh I bet they’ve got good warm anoraks. I have also heard about a call for pieces for a gallery in London, but am not sure about that at the moment.

Vicki is definitely not coming back to college now so it is just me in the tapestry studio. I am slowing spreading my stuff out across the whole studio, I might get told off if it goes too far. Since the last blog I have done a Japanese Woodblock Printing course which was challenging, I hate all the faffing about, I suppose it is only like warping up a weaving frame but I can’t be doing with spending two days to carve the printing blocks.

Here is the Japanese print I did:



Not the best in the world but it involved cutting out the circle on two different printing blocks and I never did really expect them to meet perfectly at the edges.

So there was me said I wouldn’t teach and I seem to have managed to get myself into doing a days weaving tuition for 10 ladies at a craft club down near Chichester. So all you teachers/tutors out there, I may need all the advice you can give me.




The latest tapestry is a three dimensional thing, as seen below, I am anticipating doing a bigger piece with several of these cone things on it.

3d tapestry2 As you can see it gets a bit complicated with extra warps going in all different directions, in fact this last one I have undone four times already, which is odd because it is the fifth of its kind I have done and all the others went perfectly. I guess I am getting cocky and not paying it enough attention.