End of Term Grades

So, I thought I’d better post my marks, they are as follows:

Studio Work – 65%

Materials of the Artist 70%

Drawing 62%

So, I am okay with materials of the artist and the drawing, actually possibly quite pleased with the drawing but it is the studio work that is the problem. Having struggled with my 69% for studio work all last year I thought I had done enough of the right things to get that extra one percent to get the 70% distinction. Now I know that this is a higher level course but I thought I had really upped my game enough to crack the distinction for studio work, obviously not.

I am expecting the essay mark and feedback in the next week or so before we go back to college. As the essay mark was my lowest last year I will be very happy if I manage a merit, I got 56% last year so am hoping for better, it is a much better essay even though I say so myself.

I’ll post again when I hear the essay mark. I will ask not to be told my marks for the rest of the year, I only get depressed as I think I should have done better so it isn’t worth the angst. I will still get feedback but just not the grades.


Last days of term

So, I put the studio to rights ready for today’s assessments. I suddenly realised I haven’t done much (any) drawing so I am not sure what is going to happen. If I get referred for the drawing module that’s fine I guess, I can just do loads of drawing over the holiday to catch up. It means I won’t be able to get a distinction but then I doubt I would anyway.

We get results for studio work, drawing and materials of the artist on Thursday but don’t get the essay results til January when we go back.


So this is some ‘snowflake’ batik, I did one in a bluey-turquiose as well. The black one went very grey when I tried to get the dye out of it.

batik- purple hydrangea

This is a drawing in japanese ink on watercolour paper. I quite liked this and am going to try to do a great big single hydrangea head, maybe in very pale purple/bluey/pinks.

scaffoldingThis is a photo of the end of my scaffolding. Probably not very interesting to most people but it fascinates me. I might try a mezzotint of it. Over the Christmas holidays – along with all the drawing and weaving and cooking and eating.






December – What happened to November?

Sorry not to have ‘blogged’ sooner, my brother will be ticking me off again.

The gallery in London did not want ‘The Beach’. Ah well. I still haven’t heard from the US about the others, I thought I’d hear in 2-3 weeks but it was 2-3 months.

I am still experimenting with batik and yesterday managed to become a member of ‘the black hand gang’, I am hopeless at wearing gloves. Where did ‘the black hand gang’ come from was it The Clitheroe Kid? If so, I think I might be slightly too young to remember him. Fortunately the dye I was using comes off with bleach. Unlike the dyes in the linens I am currently trying to weave with. Yes the company said to me, all the colours are dyed using the same type of dye, if one bleaches so will all the others. Wrong! Some do and some don’t. And yes for some strange reason I want to dye bits of my weaving. All will be revealed in a few months time, that is assuming I can find something to bleach the colour out of this yarn. I am going to talk to the tutor that runs Book Conservation tomorrow, he is the chemist in the place so hopefully he can find me something. If not I shall just have to spend a few days dyeing linen.

I also have been on a carpet conservation course, simply because it seemed like a good idea at the time. I now have a certificate in carpet conservation, which is a bit of a joke. I am just about finished with the dreaded essay, we were set questions this year which I think was probably a good thing, I am writing 2000 words on ‘What, for Walter Benjamin, are the potentials for photographic technology’. Yes, not much to do with weaving but I am interesting in the concept of photography as art and the fact it is so easily reproducible and how the human eye and brain sees images. I think I shall carry on investigating this line and do my dissertation on it next year, if I get here that is.

Sorry no pictures at the moment, nothing to photograph really, beautiful or otherwise. I will try to get some photo’s on before Christmas. It is the end of term two weeks tomorrow with assessments on the 17th.

I think I need to go and lie down in a dark room.