Last days of term

So, I put the studio to rights ready for today’s assessments. I suddenly realised I haven’t done much (any) drawing so I am not sure what is going to happen. If I get referred for the drawing module that’s fine I guess, I can just do loads of drawing over the holiday to catch up. It means I won’t be able to get a distinction but then I doubt I would anyway.

We get results for studio work, drawing and materials of the artist on Thursday but don’t get the essay results til January when we go back.


So this is some ‘snowflake’ batik, I did one in a bluey-turquiose as well. The black one went very grey when I tried to get the dye out of it.

batik- purple hydrangea

This is a drawing in japanese ink on watercolour paper. I quite liked this and am going to try to do a great big single hydrangea head, maybe in very pale purple/bluey/pinks.

scaffoldingThis is a photo of the end of my scaffolding. Probably not very interesting to most people but it fascinates me. I might try a mezzotint of it. Over the Christmas holidays – along with all the drawing and weaving and cooking and eating.






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