Gwendoline is not going on her holidays

So I heard from the American Tapestry Alliance, they do not want Gwendoline, which is quite a shame. They have a small format exhibition on later in the year and that is unjuried so I might try to get something in that, the deadline is the end of the month so I have to make a decision which one to send. I was thinking of this one:

Isobel It won’t have the white each side as I will of course finish it off properly.

I am now back on trying to find funding for next year. The student finance people have only just paid for this year but if I want to come back for 2014/15 and do the MFA then I need to find another £12,000. Not much if you say it quickly. There are quite a few funds out there so I am keeping my fingers crossed.

To be honest it isn’t really what you need to be doing whilst in the middle of getting everything else done. There again my head is full of extended practice, the tapestry I have just started, the essay feedback tutorial tomorrow and the dissertation I have to do for June. The brain just can’t focus at the moment AND I have a weaving blister on my finger. I have never had one of those before.






Essay marks

So I only got the mark yesterday. 59%.

That’s enough for now, I have to write up some recipes and get everything ready for tomorrow. Back to college and a change of direction! Not going to get anything done at this rate if I keep changing my mind. I will post some pictures later in the week.