Slacking again

So it is ages since my last post. I did write one called ‘Gwendoline’s Lament’ but decided it sounded like sour grapes so didn’t post it. I think the Americans like a particular type of tapestry so that is why she didn’t get in.

So I am sitting at home whilst they mark my stuff as today is assessments again. I have said I don’t want my marks so won’t be going into a huge decline on Thursday, unless of course I fail or am referred in a module. The former sees me kicked out on my ear and the second sees me having to do it all again.

So ‘what have you been doing for the last 6 weeks’ I hear you cry.

Well, supplementary warps is what I have been up to, more pockets, see below.

2014 - sacs MFJ Textiles 140216_0006aSo this is about 70 centimetres wide, that’s about 2foot 4inches in Christian units. It has a couple of real pockets and a pretend pocket, it is a bit weird and I don’t like the pocket on the bottom left but it got cut off and re done once. Actually it looks better in the photo than in real life.



2014 - sacs MFJ Textiles 140216_0010a

Here is another, not finished but I have to make it look like I have been working hard. This is much smaller and has different types of supplementary warps in it. I am thinking of trying something where the warps go backwards as well as forwards, so at the moment I have two layers of weaving going in and out of each other but I am thinking of three layers. The trouble is my head explodes every time I think about how it can be done.

Next term sees me starting a big piece, all cream, I have had enough of colour with the one above, it starts to get to me after a while, I can’t explain how I just start to dislike the colour so back to cream it is, which is fine, I just have to keep my hands very clean. Actually when I say cream it will have some lurex in it, just to add a bit of sparkle, but not too much so there is the chance it will get completely lost!

If my typing looks odd then it is because I have lost the cursor so I am not sure where I am about to type.  Technology eh! It just disappeared for what I consider no apparent reason, is it tired? has it gone for a cup of tea?

Mmmmm TEA.