Well, I got sort of carried away, all these three dimensional shapes have sort of gone to my head.

photo eyeball1




So I started with this bit of weaving. Okay, not the best photo in the world but you get the idea.






photo eyeball2


Then I turned it into this. Still not the best photo, taken on my ipod.








and now it looks like this:

Margaret Jones- Art in the box 1_edited-1                And the close up:Margaret Jones- Art in the box 2_edited-1









This has been nicknamed ‘The Eyeball’ but I will have to think of something better. It will be entered into a jury for an exhibition called ‘art in the box’ or something like that. The idea is that boxes contain treasure so this is like a seed head which contains all the precious stuff to make a new plant. I will hopefully come up with something a bit artier and more coherent for the application forms.

I am already thinking of other things like this so fingers crossed it all works, the latest things are wensleydale locks and entomology pins. Don’t ask! All will be revealed in future blogs – if it works.

End of year show in 3 1/2 months. So much to do, hence I have just burnt the vegetables for dinner.



Go Gwendoline!

Hurrah, Gwendoline is going on her travels, but not to America, they’re a bit strange over there anyway. I am not sure if it is good or bad but she is going to the Ukraine. Not the Crimea so hopefully she should be safe.

I had wondered if they would cancel the exhibition and I won’t send her for a week or two just in case but it is a prestigious European textile exhibition called ‘Scythia 10 2014’ so I am really pleased to get her in there. It seems to cost quite a lot to get her there and back but I hope it will be worth it.

Gwendoline2Here is an image of her, I know I have put one up before but I still think she is quite wonderful and worth seeing again.


I haven’t done much weaving this week. A fortnight ago I went to see a nice man at the Lurex factory in Leicester and he said he had just come back from India and was coughing rather, three days later I went down with the most dreadful lurgy virus thing and am still not up to speed, well, not up to crawl let alone speed, hence I am sitting down writing the blog. I haven’t been in college for a week and will try to do a few hours each day next week just to keep things moving. Fortunately neither PJ or Mum have got it.

The plus side is that the lurex is working well in the tapestry and I am really glad I went to see the guy, he was so helpful, just unfortunate about the virus he gave me, I am pretty sure it was him. The factory was really interesting too.

Next week I have some prints in an exhibition in Chichester. It is at The Oxmarket Gallery which is a bit tucked out of the way but fairly well signposted. The prints are mezzotints and not my best work but extra work on them has been curtailed by my being in bed for the last 10 days. I will try to post some images of them but all that taking the photo and transferring it to the PC and making it look pretty etc is just too much faffing about at the moment.