Well, I got sort of carried away, all these three dimensional shapes have sort of gone to my head.

photo eyeball1




So I started with this bit of weaving. Okay, not the best photo in the world but you get the idea.






photo eyeball2


Then I turned it into this. Still not the best photo, taken on my ipod.








and now it looks like this:

Margaret Jones- Art in the box 1_edited-1                And the close up:Margaret Jones- Art in the box 2_edited-1









This has been nicknamed ‘The Eyeball’ but I will have to think of something better. It will be entered into a jury for an exhibition called ‘art in the box’ or something like that. The idea is that boxes contain treasure so this is like a seed head which contains all the precious stuff to make a new plant. I will hopefully come up with something a bit artier and more coherent for the application forms.

I am already thinking of other things like this so fingers crossed it all works, the latest things are wensleydale locks and entomology pins. Don’t ask! All will be revealed in future blogs – if it works.

End of year show in 3 1/2 months. So much to do, hence I have just burnt the vegetables for dinner.


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