Brain’s gone

So I started the last post, never got further than the title and clicked the publish button. I think my brain has finally given up the ghost. Apologies to those of a delicate disposition who got a strange email. I am usually so careful and preview it endlessly before publishing.

So, anyway, back to eyeballs, only they aren’t balls now but pods, hence the last one was called ‘eye pod’.

The new one is called ‘pod cast’.

Catalogue Postcard 2014There is another black one called ‘spent pod’ because it is all saggy and empty (no photo yet). It was supposed to hold it’s shape but I used a mohair warp and it is much softer than the usual cotton. (Sorry the weaving anorak slipped on there.)

So, the latest brilliant news is that not only has Gwendoline gone off the the Ukraine (to quote PJ, shouting ‘but I don’t want to be a war correspondent’) but I received an email today confirming that the other piece I did last year, the big black and white thing (called ‘number one’), has been accepted into ‘Artapestry4’ which is an exhibition travelling around Europe starting next January¬† lasting some time, going from Finland to Germany to Austria and finishing in Denmark. There will be other places too but they are not yet confirmed, so it might get to the UK. There was work from 19 European countries, 89 artists applied and presented a total of 174 works. The Jury selected 33 works from 31 artists and I was one of them, I am chuffed to bits. Although it has cost an arm and a leg to get Gwendoline to the Ukraine so I am hoping it will not be so expensive to get ‘number one’ over to Finland.






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