Gwendoline arrived safely.

So she got there okay, I received an email yesterday.

College proceeds apace. We had a fund raising show last weekend to raise funds for the end of year shows. We raised £2,000, which was pretty good. It doesn’t cover the whole thing of course but every little helps and the college chip in too.

It is now only 6 weeks until they make us clear out the studios ready for the end of year show, which is a little scary. I have a large tapestry to complete, 5 baby golden balls, the 15oo word synopsis for next years dissertation and I am also on a coptic weaving short course, on which I hope to weave a small illuminated bestiary. I just did another short course with Pat Taylor called ’21st Century Face’ and I wove the image below. To give an idea of scale, it is 20cm wide, so not very big. That’s it for now, I shall get my nose back to the weaving grindstone.