End of Year Shows

Sorry no photo’s today, well only the end of year show invite to anyone out there who might want to come along and hasn’t had one in person.


I will be in London for the preview and morning event and all day on Saturday. I am in and out of the West Dean show all week. It looks to be an amazing show with a lot of varied work.

I am still weaving away, I think I will get it done, well, I have to get it done or I will not have the major piece for the show and consequently will presumably fail, which isn’t a very nice thought after all the work. To top it all my back has gone again, the opposite side to last year. The osteopath said it would take 18 months for last years little problem to heal so of course it is still healing and I have been favouring the other side and now that has gone. Fortunately not as bad as the other side did last year and fortunately I can weave because it only hurts when I stand up, not when I sit down. It serves me right as I did stop doing the exercises, which weren’t arduous but I just didn’t bother, too busy, too tired.

I hope to post some images of my big tapestry soon, and then some of the show itself. My personal photographer (ie: PJ) will be taking some amazing pictures both in London and at West Dean.