Almost there

Yes I did get to the end of term and finished the tapestry.

Here is an image:

2014 Summer Shows 140704_0011aIt looks a bit wonky, probably because it is, just don’t ask me to go into the vagaries of supplementary warps and what they can do when you cut the piece off the scaffold frame. There is more than this in the show so here follows more photos. Just catching up with all the ones I’ve neglected to post over the last few months.

2014 Summer Shows 140704_0009aAnd:

2014 Summer Shows 140704_0014aAnd:

2014 Summer Shows 140704_0017aAnd this is a shot of the whole area:

2014 Summer Shows 140704_0001My tutors said there was too much black on the walls. Well some of them thought it, I mentioned it to one of them today who seemed surprised at that particular bit of criticism.

The good news is that next week I have an interview with Qest. That is the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust, to try to get some more funding. As probably only about 1% of applicants get an interview that is pretty good. I cannot decide if I am totally terrified or excited. The interview is with trustees, skills advisors and the chairman of the trust, I get 5-10 minutes to put forward my case and then I guess about the same amount of time to answer questions. It is such a prestigious thing to be a Qest Scholar, it will be so exciting if I do get picked. I have asked for funding for one term for next year so fingers crossed.

Next week we also have the London show, so roll on next Sunday when it will all be over and I can draw breath for a few minutes before launching into the next big thing which is a show at the Weald and Downland Open Air Museum at Singleton in September. Hopefully over the holiday I will post photos of my work for the show as it progresses and will also post the web address as I am writing a website for the show which is called ‘Collective’. When I say writing I mean I am using one of those sites which helps you write your own web site. Even so it is a bit of a steep learning curve.

Awards Day tomorrow so must go and check my party frock is all spick and span.

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