Update from Awards Day onwards.

Well, Awards Day seemed to go okay. My brother came over from the US and brought my Mum down for the day. It was nice because as well as getting the bit of paper telling me I now have a Postgraduate Diploma in Tapestry Weaving and Textile Art I was also awarded the ‘Valerie Power Prize’. Valerie Power was a weaver at West Dean some years ago and each year the weaver who has done the most amazing things gets awarded the prize. Cynics including myself might say I was the ONLY weaver but I still did amazing things.

The London show went well, although we did not have many visitors. One tutor who came said she thought we did quite well and bigger name shows often don’t have more than 20 visitors a day, so that was a bit comforting.

That week I also had my Qest interview. There were eight on the panel, which was rather daunting and I was supposed to hear by the 28th but hadn’t heard anything so I assumed I was unsuccessful. I emailed them and they have put off the decision date for another couple of weeks. So more waiting.

Below is an image of the latest thing I am weaving. It is for the Gridshell exhibition and looks like (or will look like) the structure of the gridshell which is also very like a larkspur seed pod. Back to pods and things again. This is it being woven flat (sorry, stating the obvious there) and will turn into a sphere once it is cut off (hopefully). This shows one twelfth of the whole thing, so there are another 11 ‘fish’ shapes to go. I had hoped to finish it by the end of the weekend but I think painting Mum’s bathroom might get in the way of that.

Gridshell pod - MFJ Textiles 140726_0003


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  1. Angela Horne

     /  July 31, 2014


    Keeping my fingers crossed for “put off decision”.

    Gridshell looks interesting. I had forgotten about your mum’s bathroom I am afraid.

    Been busy. Michael last weekend, Julian and Imogen this weekend and Imogen staying until mid week. They are in London Saturday so if you are passing drop in for a cuppa.

    love a


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