Qest scholar calling

I heard officially today, Qest are giving me funding for one term next year.

This with other funding I have is almost enough to get me through my MFA. It is just so exciting and prestigious. Next year I have to attend the ‘Royal Warrant Holders Association Annual Luncheon where I will exhibit and be formally presented with my Qest certificate by the guest of honour’. I have already been told by two friends that a new frock is required. Talking of which I am currently on a course at West Dean, it is one of next years courses as it is so hard to find the time to do them during term time. I am designing fabric on the computer to be printed by a bureau which I then turn into scarves or garments or even furnishing fabric, we need new curtains in the hall, the old ones are gastly.                                                                                              A sample of my current favourite is below:

Nails background final

I really like it and am thinking of getting it made into large scarfy things and printed onto a bamboo fabric. Unfortunately at the current size the printing alone will cost £45 each at 60cm x 200cm which is luxuriously huge for a scarf. I just hate those small ones which aren’t quite long enough to tie or too narrow so they don’t keep your neck warm, they may be fashion accessories but in my world they have to have a function.

Yes I am still most definitely a weaver but this is quicker than weaving. Talking of which I have finished the last piece but it is still flat and I need to pull it into it’s 3D shape and take photo’s as I do it. The next weaving after that is half way through and I have to finish them both and have them ready to exhibit by 10th September. There’s been some late night weaving going on I can tell you and not as much work on my dissertation as there probably should have been.





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