Just found this photo….

PJ has just sent me the last of the photo’s of the exhibition and I think this sums up the tea cosy.

The body language just says ‘What is it?’

cOLLECTIVE 140914_0295a


That’s the exhibition done then

So the exhibition at the Jerwood Gridshell Space in Singleton went well. Foot fall was maybe not as high as we had hoped and we did not actually sell anything but it was Goodwood Revival weekend and most locals lock their doors and don’t go out due to the traffic congestion. I will put some photo’s below so you can see the amazing space we had and the work that was in it. The spacing has gone a bit funny, I think it is all the photo’s so if you can bear to make sure you get to the end of the page and don’t miss anything. I have tried to sort it out but it is getting late.

Firstly the pictures of my things.

Collective 140911_0027

This is the thing with the fish shapes I posted an image of a while ago. It now looks like either a tea cosy (thanks PJ) or maybe it should have a barbie doll sticking out of the top and it should be sitting on top of a giant toilet roll. The ‘tassels’ hanging out of the top were to try to make it look less like a tea cosy or toilet roll cover.

It is not the most successful piece I have ever woven but I learnt a few important things from doing it. Firstly be gentle when pulling through warp threads or they snap, did I swear or what? Secondly it needs more ‘frills’ and should be a bit smaller. I might do another bearing that in mind but it was a bit of a pain to weave so I won’t be doing it in the near future.



Collective 140911_0022a

This piece on the other hand I am extremely happy with. It is a triumph of geometry and yarn blending (in my very humble opinion!).






Below are some other images of the show:

Collective 140912_0209a












Collective 140911_0082a



And finally CAKE, we did coffee and cake for the preview morning.

Collective 140911_0037a











And even more finally, I managed to get some scarves printed  for the show and here they are, all neatly folded in their boxes:

Collective 140912_0173a







And that’s about it for the minute. Back to college a week on Sunday, where did that Summer go?