Back to college – time I posted again

Two weeks back at college and it feels like I have never been away.

I have been frantically dyeing rayon yarn to use this year. I went to an exhibition by Hillu Liebelt in Farnham a month or so ago and and she uses a lot of rayon and weaves very finely.

Her web site is:

So I thought I would give it a go. The idea is to use colour this year but in a very limited palette. At the moment I am testing just a black and a buttercup yellow dye. It dyes from a yellow to a sludgy green yarn to black. I haven’t really started weaving yet.

Today I spent in Chichester at ‘the Arts and Crafts in Action’ I did it last year and below is a photo of the stand.

photo chichesterGosh the table cloth needed ironing didn’t it. Anyway, it wasn’t too bad, not loads of people. They had this brilliant idea of having a saxophone quartet there to play but unfortunately it was difficult to talk to people and we all got a bit hoarse. Then they went home, I thought they would be there all day serenading us but I think they did about 4 numbers after the welcome speech and cleared off. They were okay, they didn’t seem very tight as a band but that might have been the acoustics, it was in a gymnasium after all. One of them was playing a baritone saxophone, I only dribbled a little it is such a beautiful instrument and quite a lot deeper than my bass clarinet.

I digress.

The day went well, I was not there to sell, I did not get any commissions or anything but I did do a lot of talking and it is important to be able to talk about your work and tapestry weaving in general so it is good practice. Obviously I have to talk at a completely different level at college but it is good to be fluent in the basics. I met a few weavers which was nice and a couple of friends turned up unexpectedly. I did not advertise it to  friends this year as I think they have a bit of a cheek not giving us some free tickets but there you go. The organisers want it to be like the big Art in Action up at Oxford and I guess they have to start somewhere but they have a long way to go to even think about it.

My dissertation is coming along slowly but then it is only week three. The title, if I haven’t bored you with it already is:

‘The place of the work of the British artist/weaver in the contemporary art world’

It’s a bit of a mouthful but I can’t make it any simpler and still get all the criteria in. I started writing it from the point of view of Gwendoline, that’s the tapestry that went to the Ukraine. It proved a bit of a shock for my tutor and he suggested I would have trouble maintaining the required critical elements over 5500 words. I had already come to that conclusion in just writing 2500 words for him to have a look at. So now it is a conversation between Gwendoline and a mythical gallery owner caller ‘Owlswick Jenkins’. I might post it, or at least post a link when it is all finished but that won’t be until January.

Next post I will add some pictures of the dyed yarn, I am trying to keep a record of everything I do this year, they like that.