Happy New Year

Just got back to college and everything is just moving so fast.

Last weekend I was at Modern Art Oxford demonstrating and showing people how to weave on two little frames I took for that purpose. I don’t expect much to come out of it although I did give out over 50 cards and one nice lady came all the way from Bristol specifically to see me.

Picture of me here:

MFJ Textiles Oxford 150103_0018a-1 PJ took the photo and I do look a bit lost in the corner but it is nice to have ‘Modern Art Oxford’ in large friendly letters so prominent in the image. Most of the time there were more people than that there. I was there both Saturday and Sunday. It was a bit chilly on occasion but I survived.


The next bit of news is that I have been chosen to do a collaboration with another artist for London Craft Week. This is through Qest. The artist I am working with is called Jake Abrams, he is coming down to college on Thursday so we can make a start. Then next week all the artists involved go to the gallery where it is being held to see that space. It is ‘The Crypt’ at St Pancras.


The other thing in the pipeline is an exhibition I am arranging (I guess the word is curating) at West Dean in August. The studio spaces are completely empty during the summer so I asked if I could put a small format exhibition on during the first week in August. Things look promising so far and I have a meeting with the powers that be in Thursday to finalise everything. It will be a show with an open call out so I am hoping to get artists from all over the country and abroad (coo!). The show will not have a theme but the name is ‘heallreaf’ which is old English for a tapestry hung in a public place. I hope to do these exhibitions there very two years and am trying to encourage West Dean to put on a symposium on the 1st August so it coincides with the private view of the exhibition.

I am trying to finish my dissertation in the next week, although I have until the end of the month but I just want to get it out of the way.

The next post will have more photo’s of weaving – promise.





















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