More not weaving

I have been weaving at college, honestly I have but it is the same stuff which has taken quite a while and been a bit trying. I will post images in the next couple of weeks when they are finished so you can see what I have been up to.

So I am still on leatherwork, but not very good leather work at the moment.

Leather box 2  Leather Box 1

The stitching isn’t very good and that is because I want to do finer stitching than the guy taught us, this means I don’t currently have quite the right thread to do it with and doing it with such a contrasting thread does no favours to not very good stitching. Also the knitting needle stuck through it is because the nice little things I bought to attach the strap to through the buttonholes didn’t fit. They are called ‘Sam Brownes’ and look like this:

Sam Brownes




You make a hole in the leather and screwy bit goes through it and the nobbly bit then goes on the outside of the box and screws onto the screwy bit. However the leather box has a leather lining to it and so the leather was too thick and there was no screw thread coming out to screw the nobbly bit onto. I didn’t get too stressed about this as the box was stitched with two different types of thread because I was trying to find one that worked and neither did. It was never going to be a masterpiece.

However I think there might be some mileage in the idea as we have to produce some work to sell in May to raise funds for the end of year show so I might just have another go and try to make some leather boxes to sell. They will all be round,  like round things, there again I like geometric shapes too, it’s too difficult to choose. A hexagon box perhaps. Maybe not but then I never did walk before I tried to run.