This is absolutely nothing to do with weaving but over the Easter holiday we went to South Wales and stayed in a cottage at Aberglasney Gardens. They are extremely beautiful and if you get a chance do go. Joseph the head gardener is lovely.

Anyway it is one of my ambitions to see puffins so we went to Skomer for the day. We were very lucky as we went on Wednesday and 1000 puffins arrived at 6am that day. 1000 is not many for Skomer but it meant I got to see puffins. They are really funny little things especially when coming in to land, it is a case of feet full out and hope for the best and after they have landed there is a sort of shaking of themselves and a very pleased look about them that they managed it and if course they meant to nearly fall over.

So below are some very poor photos of puffins. PJ’s will be better but it will take ages to get them off his computer.

Puffin arriving Puffin in burrow Puffin inspecting new burrow


Easter Holidays hurrah!

So I have got to the Easter holidays, although I did go into college yesterday to use the dye room. Not a qualified success, I dyed 12 different types of red and used recipes they have in the professional studio. Unfortunately I think their red, black, grey and brown dyes might be slightly different to mine. Several have come out almost the same shade and they range from a definite pink through rust, that burgundy that is almost brown to purple. The purple one was a bit of a shock, it was just red and black dye but obviously the black was a very blue black not a red black.

I am posting some images, this one of the latest piece I have cut off, it needs blocking around the edges so that is a task for when I get back. I have cropped it quite close and it looks a bit blurred but the original image wasn’t. Technology, I have had it up to here.

humphrey for blogThe square bit at the top is about 50cm square and then there are these long strands some of which I might just trim, not quite a short back and sides but not all so long a traily. (I am not sure of traily should be trailly, spell check doesn’t like either.)

Don’t ask why but I am thinking of calling this piece ‘Humphrey’. It just sort of popped into my head and who am I to argue.

The piece I am doing with Jake for the London Craft Week is coming along well. This piece is called ‘Enrico’ but that is just my name, I am not sure it is suitable for the whole piece.

This next photo is the major part of the piece:

Enrico hangingHe is hanging in the studio, Martina and I are tying him up at the top and Karen is trying to straighten his legs out but that right leg keeps twisting,

Below is a photo of his ‘other bit’ which will be pulled into a sphere and attached to him but when we set up the exhibition it will be ’round the corner’ from him.

So that’s about everything for the moment, I am currently winding yarn so all those reds are all ready to go come the beginning of May when everything else has been finished.

life force - enrico