Easter Holidays hurrah!

So I have got to the Easter holidays, although I did go into college yesterday to use the dye room. Not a qualified success, I dyed 12 different types of red and used recipes they have in the professional studio. Unfortunately I think their red, black, grey and brown dyes might be slightly different to mine. Several have come out almost the same shade and they range from a definite pink through rust, that burgundy that is almost brown to purple. The purple one was a bit of a shock, it was just red and black dye but obviously the black was a very blue black not a red black.

I am posting some images, this one of the latest piece I have cut off, it needs blocking around the edges so that is a task for when I get back. I have cropped it quite close and it looks a bit blurred but the original image wasn’t. Technology, I have had it up to here.

humphrey for blogThe square bit at the top is about 50cm square and then there are these long strands some of which I might just trim, not quite a short back and sides but not all so long a traily. (I am not sure of traily should be trailly, spell check doesn’t like either.)

Don’t ask why but I am thinking of calling this piece ‘Humphrey’. It just sort of popped into my head and who am I to argue.

The piece I am doing with Jake for the London Craft Week is coming along well. This piece is called ‘Enrico’ but that is just my name, I am not sure it is suitable for the whole piece.

This next photo is the major part of the piece:

Enrico hangingHe is hanging in the studio, Martina and I are tying him up at the top and Karen is trying to straighten his legs out but that right leg keeps twisting,

Below is a photo of his ‘other bit’ which will be pulled into a sphere and attached to him but when we set up the exhibition it will be ’round the corner’ from him.

So that’s about everything for the moment, I am currently winding yarn so all those reds are all ready to go come the beginning of May when everything else has been finished.

life force - enrico

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