Yes I am still here

It’s been ages since I blogged what with one thing and another.

The exhibition at The Crypt went well. I spoke to several people yesterday who saw the piece Jake and I put together and they thought it was good, one even had a photo of it on his phone!

Which brings me to yesterday. Yesterday I spent the day in London at the Royal Warrant Holders Annual Luncheon where I received my Qest certificate and got to meet lots of people and talk about my work. I am pretty hoarse today as it was very noisy, especially as we were next to the bar, there were around 800 people there so you can image how noisy it was. It was held at the London Hilton at Park Lane. Very swish and to my surprise the food was excellent. Not that one wouldn’t expect that the the London Hilton but the whole concept of feeding 800 people a three course meal at the same time and it still being hot is pretty amazing. I don’t suppose we did all eat at the same time but it appeared that way which is what matters I guess. I did take a photo but it is not very good and a bit boring. There is somewhere a photo of me being presented with my certificate by the president of the RWHA but I don’t know when I am likely to get a copy.

The guest of honour was Sir Charlie Mayfield who is head of John Lewis, he was a lovely man and seemed very interested in tapestry weaving. Next time (if there is one) I have to take a frame so I can explain about warp and weft in words of one syllable. It was quite odd because apart from Sir Charlie Mayfield none of the people introduced themselves so you didn’t quite know who you were talking to. I was talking to a man for some time about tapestries generally and the tapestries and moth problems in the Palace of Westminster but have no idea at all who he was and it can be a bit difficult to say ‘sorry who are you, should I know your face?’ when you’ve been chatting for ten minutes.

One of the ideas of the day is to do some serious networking but I think how effective that is depends very much on your specialism. Scholars who produce work which can be taken up by retail companies are in a better position, for instance the fabric designers are surrounded by companies such as Burberry.

Anyway I had been dreading the trek up there and everything and although the traveling didn’t go very smoothly it was a good day. It seems alumni are invited back in subsequent years but I don’t know whether I would apply for that or not.

Here are photos from The Crypt it was impossible to get the whole piece in one photo so these are two bits of it.

MFJ Textiles 150504-26 MFJ Textiles 150504-29

There is no breathing space now as the studios have to be cleared on the 22nd June, so that leaves me 19 days. We are away at a wedding this weekend and next week I have to go to Devon to see Anne who has juried the ‘Heallreaf’ exhibition. 89 pieces were entered so there was a good response. I will blog about that later.

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