Studio Cleared

That is it I have woven my last tapestry at West Dean, today we cleared the studios and tomorrow the technicians remove the temporary walls and then later in the week it is all painting the walls and then putting the show together.

And talking of end of year shows the details are as follows:

Divergence: West Dean College Summer Show
4 to 10 July, 10am-5pm. The Edward James Studios
Preview: Friday 3 July, 5-8pm

Full-time Visual Arts students end of year exhibition, exhibiting work from the Graduate Diploma, Postgraduate Diploma and MFA programmes.

Divergence: West Dean Summer Show at London’s Brick Lane Annexe Gallery
16 to19 July, 11am-6pm
Preview: Thursday 16 July 6-9pm


I will be at both previews and I will be at West Dean on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 10am to 2pm, but will be invigilating so not in a position to stand and natter if the show is busy. I will also be in London on the Saturday between 1.30 and 6pm.

I am sure I have typed this all before so if by any chance I have posted it already just put it down to the end of three long hard years at college.

It would be good to see anyone who wants to come along. There will be more work at West Dean, I have four tapestries and maybe one big photo and maybe three drawings, can’t decide finally until I put it all together. In London I suspect I will be lucky to get one tapestry and a drawing.

I suppose it is quite sad to leave but to be honest I am ready to go. I need to get my life back and now have the time to sit back and ponder more and weave larger more complicated pieces of work, in fact the piece I have just finished is probably the most successful this year and the sort of work I intend to continue to weave afterwards. I have found colour again and it is bright red. I will post a photo next week.

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