It is now.

Yes, the fat lady has sung and all is just about done and dusted for a while. Tonight was the preview of ‘Heallreaf’ the exhibition of small format tapestry at West Dean of which I was curator, organiser and chief cook and bottle washer (literally).

I have got home, put my feet up and eaten my fish and chips. All of which I deserved after putting the show together, which involved my back going AGAIN just as I started to paint the space last Sunday. The next week is mainly sitting and invigilating the show so hopefully my back will recover, I think I will take a book or my knitting. Oh dear, I am turning into my Mum, especially as a week or two back I found myself sitting on the beach knitting. There again you have to do something when your husband is off taking amazing photo’s and it was too cold to paddle.

Here is a photo of the Heallreaf show, just the vinyl lettering on the door which I think is particularly elegant.

It was PJ’s suggestion to have the letters vertically which works really well. In this photo one door is open so the word is the right way round on both sides. When the doors are closed the two words are a mirror image of each other. You probably have to see it to get the effect properly.

Everyone was very complimentary about the show which was nice, but then is anyone going to say to my face – ‘Gosh this is awful’ I just assume if no-one liked it they would say nothing. I was a bit twitchy about it as I have never curated a show before other than my small space in the end of year shows.

So now is time for a short rest. Everyone keeps asking me what I am going to do next. (Apart from decorating the bedroom). Well, there is a small commission I have to do and I have been asked to take part in an exhibition in Chichester for a fortnight in December and then there is the British Tapestry Group exhibition next Easter so there is plenty to do. Oh and I am going to apply for a residency at the National Botanic Garden of Wales. There chances of me getting are about nil but slightly higher than if I don’t apply. I wouldn’t have to go to Wales for the whole 5 months but for about 30 days where I would meet with the staff and scientists and study. Then I guess I would come home and make work. It sounds fascinating and I am hoping that being a trained herbalist might work slightly in my favour, who knows. Watch this space.

Heallreaf 150730-133-Edit


They think it’s all over………………….

Well, maybe, it is difficult to decide exactly when the end is. The show opened last night and the preview was very busy, we officially got our marks yesterday but I didn’t bother to go and look at mine, so theoretically I could have failed, especially as I don’t seem to have my tickets to Awards Day.

So is today the end, next Saturday when we have Awards Day or the 19th when the London Show comes down?

It is all a bit disjointed but never mind I am ready to finish and to try to squeeze 3 years of college stuff into the house pending the transformation of PJ’s workshop into my studio. Maybe some short term storage will have to be investigated but then I am worried it will turn into long term storage and therefore rather more expensive.

As with last year and the year before we have been blessed with some lovely weather for the summer show, I think I shall book a holiday this time next year in the vain hope it will be nice weather.

There were many very good comments about my work and some interest in purchasing it. As usual I was not ‘on the ball’ with pricing, it is so difficult and we did not have to do a price guide this year otherwise I might have been more prepared.

Here is an image of my last piece at college. It isn’t the best photo in the world as I took it with my Ipod. PJ will be taking good ones tomorrow which I will post here and on the website. College did have a photographer in yesterday but I don’t know how long it is going to take to get the photos from him.

red shiftUnfortunately there is a slit in the middle which opened up when I tied the warps up again. It is being exhibited on the frame is that slit will close up again when I cut it off but there was nothing I could do about it.

This work is a sign of things to come, I would like to do something like this about 4 feet square, so that is the job for next year!

Here is a close up:

red shift detailBetter photo, the ipod is a bit inconsistent, well no that is probably me!

I am really taken with this red. I went into the dye room at Easter for two days and dyed something like 12 different shades of red and then my kind brother brought some red tencel over from the US when he came earlier in the year – it is much cheaper over there. The dark red in this is the tencel, the bright red is wool and the dark grey is chenille. I dyed the chenille and it should have been black but cotton is difficult to get a really dark colour. The silk chenille looked a bit delicate to boil to dye but I might try it.

So that’s it, back to squirreling the yarn into the appropriate colour bag in the loft. It is often a case of ‘should that go in the green or blue bag?’ hence I have a bag for greeny blues, easy answer. I finished the year at college doing a ‘weaving with colour’ short course with Pat Taylor. it was excellent and maybe my next post will have some photo’s of the work. It was all about colour theory, colour values and hues and tints and tones and stuff. It was so good and quite a nice relaxed way of finishing the year.