It really really is over now

Heallreaf 150808-2Definitely done and dusted now, except for posting the last of the Heallreaf tapestries back to their owners. A task which is proving somewhat trying thanks to my local sub post office, however the bigger one in Haslemere is better, they were much more helpful. It might be because the one in Fernhurst had a pneumatic drill going all day so maybe they were not feeling at their best at 3.30 in the afternoon. The last will go off tomorrow which is mainly the foreign tapestries so it will be a case of negotiating the customs forms.

So what now you ask?

I have been asked to take part in an exhibition in Chichester from the 7th to 21st December so I will have to sort some work out for that. The BTG have an exhibition at Easter next year so there are two pieces to be woven on the theme of ‘symbiosis’. (All ideas gratefully received – I am struggling a bit with this one.) I have applied for the Botanic Garden of Wales residency but will not hear until the end of the month. I have been asked to write a piece for a weaving magazine about my three years at West Dean and then putting on Heallreaf and finally if I am going to do Heallreaf in 2017 and take it on to a second venue I need to start talking to galleries and the like now. I have also volunteered to do an admin job for the professional tapestry studio at West Dean. I find out more about that later in the month.

And of course there is the house to be sorted out and decorated and the garden to be de-jungled so I am going to have a nice peaceful restful time on finishing college.