All behind like the cows tail

I am not progessing as quickly as I would like on my various topics. Hindered by a laptop that inspite of going to the menders is still very slow. Apparently norton antivirus is notorious for slowing down machines, so why does it have such a good following? Perhaps it just had a very good PR job done on it, like the accountancy package Sage but don’t let me go there.

Needless to say there has been no sign as yet of knitting alpaca socks.

I have just received an email saying Texere Yarns have gone into liquidation. Sad sad day. I know they had a big sale recently and it looks like they were trying to clear stock. Sigh. Just when I had started knitting again.

I spent today in London at the V and A archive looking at tapestries. It was arranged by the lovely Mike Wallace and a group of about eight of us met there. I didn’t even know you could go, well, you can’t just wander in off the street you have to book, tell them what you want to look at and then take identification with you and obviously you aren’t allowed to touch anything but the lady that took us in said she would turn things over if we wanted to see the backs. It was a group choice of what we asked them to get out of the archives for us to look at. My favourite was a piece by Jo Barker called ‘Dappled Circle’ and you can see an image of it here:

I thought the piece was much bigger than it is and unfortunately the photo’s do not do it full justice, but then they never do but don’t tell PJ that or he will never photograph another one of my tapestries.

Below is the second in my ‘Waverley Abbey’ Series. I think I might leave it at three for now, I had intended more but am not sure they are working that well. I have no idea who carved the initials into the stone but it was beautifully done and as clear as the weaving. I doubt it was done by the original stonemason as the letters are too clear and well defined. I wonder who HC was or is?

tapestry two

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