Good news and bad news

Well, the good news is I have finished the third of the three small pieces based on images from Waverley Abbey

Tapestry threeSo here it is, maybe the least compelling of the three but I think that three is enough. I am going to mount them and frame them in small black frames on black felt. Which I really ought to do now or I will go onto the next project and forget until the last minute when I want to put them into an exhibition or something. That is what I usually do.


The not so good news is that I put a proposal in to West Dean to teach a short course in three dimensional weaving and it has been declined. If I could I would put in one of those sad non smiley faces but that seems to be beyond me. Although we did manage to get one into an email by accident earlier today so I might sort it out eventually. Anyway, back to West Dean. They say although they really like the idea I haven’t enough teaching experience but I cannot find out from them what I need to do, do I need to do some sort of qualification or do I need to just go and teach people how to weave? Either is a bit tricky, what qualififcation do I do or how do just teach people weaving. I can’t really go and drag unsuspecting passers by off the streets and tie them to a weaving frame crying ‘learn this or else’.

On Wednesday I went to the local camera club and learnt all about F numbers and apertures. We also learn about ISO numbers but I can’t remember much about those, one thing at a time. Well, I can remember that a higher ISO number is like using a fast film in the old days of film but that doesn’t get me very far does it? I am determined to get to grips with all this eventually but it is a slow process. I tried some photo’s last night which I was quite pleased with but they are still on the camera. I can’t find the lead and thing you put the memory card into to download the images so they are stuck on the card for the moment.


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