A quick rant!

So last Saturday I toddled up to London to Goldsmiths to attend a seminar by the nice people at ZAP (that’s Zeitgeist Arts Project) for a lesson on getting my practice going and how to apply to the Arts Council and liaising with galleries.

There were several problems. Firstly, how to get from Haslemere to New Cross Gate by 9.20am without having to get the 5.30am train. (there is no such time as 5.30am on my clock, not since I gave up doing the veg delivery round.) I ended up driving to Redhill and getting the train but due to works at Victoria all the trains were diverted through the route I was taking, hence I missed my connection and arrived late.

So having got over that I now had to meet complete strangers and talk to them about my work. the nice artists that run Zap are terribly into networking, which I am sure is admirable but not really my cup of tea, or rum and ginger beer come to that. They are insistent that we must tweet and instagram regularly to keep in touch and remind every artist/gallery owner we have ever met that we still exist. I can quite see the point behind this but personally find it rather uncomfortable. It is the cynic in me I suspect.

Well, having got there I did talk to several artists but was quite fed up by the response of some, hence this rant.

‘So what medium do you work in?’

‘I’m a tapestry weaver’

‘Oh, really’

Yes I could see their eyes glazing over as soon as the word weaver had passed my lips, I could almost hear them thinking ‘hobbyist’. Although on showing a picture of the pods I wove last year they exclaimed ‘that’s not at all what I was expecting your work to look like’ A small victory.


‘What medium do you work in?’

‘I’m a tapestry weaver’

‘ Oh how interesting, I have just finished looking at the bayeaux tapestry’

I didn’t scream ‘but that’s not a tapestry’ I just smiled, by that time it had been a very long day.


‘What medium do you work in?’

‘I’m a tapestry weaver’

‘Oh you mean like the Grayson Perry?’

‘No, that’s Jaquard, it’s done by a machine and is very different’

Is it a wonder that we tapestry weavers feel like we are hitting our heads against a brick wall? And now I have burnt dinner, serves me right I guess.







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