He’s Home!

Number one got back today from his trip around Europe. In case you can’t remember what he looks like this is him:

MFJ Textiles_0003aHe has been trundling around Europe in the Artapestry4 exhibition starting in Finland at the Rovaniemi Art Museum, going onto Textil Museum in L√ľneburg, Germany, then Austria at Textile Kultur, Haslach and finishing in Denmark at ArtCenter Silkeborg Bad. Isn’t he well travelled? Probably better travelled than me, I know I should have gone to the private views but it wasn’t really on, next time maybe if I get some work into Artapestry5.

I am still quite stunned that the work got in as I was the only English artist included out of 31 artists chosen and I have to say I do not think he is my most beautiful creation.

Talking of beautiful creations, this is my latest:

redshift two

The straight black bit across the top is where I am putting the selvedge, so the red circle will disappear off the edge of the work. It is being woven on the side so I cannot decide whether it will hang red blob down or red blob upwards that is a decision for when it is cut off. The background is woven at 4 epc and the red and green bits are at 8epc, which is ridiculously fine. It is about the fineness of the medieval tapestries and it certainly makes you appreciate their skill or their eyesight at the very least bearing in mind they had no electric light.