I am like a dog with two tails!

Just to let you know I won the Cordis Tapestry Showcase Prize. Unfortunately I can’t get up to Edinburgh to collect it on the 1st February but they said they quite understand.

And the tapestry sold at the private view. I don’t know who bought it but I hope they enjoy it. Having only recently finished the piece I am quite sad I won’t see her again.

Here’s another photo of her just to remind you.

Jones - Margaret - Red Shift Two - Complete


Back again – so soon.

Good news, the latest piece has been accepted for the Cordis Tapestry Showcase. Here it is, it is the piece that was almost finished on the last blog. As you can see the decision was to hang it blob down. It is one of the few tapestries I have done that PJ has had real trouble photographing, the red is a mix of tencel and rayon floss so it is a bit shiny with some strands looking very shiny and the green is in rayon yarn so that’s a bit shiny too, oh dear it’s starting to sound a bit bling!

Jones - Margaret - Red Shift Two - Complete

I think I must be having a bling month or two as for the next piece I have just ordered more rayon floss in all sorts of colours from Handweavers. They seem to be only place I can find who does bling!

For more details of the Cordis Showcase see: