Isn’t tapestry slow?

Yes, like very other tapestry weaver I get a bit fed up with people saying such things but and here is the rub, it is slow, hence there is not much to go on the blog now I am at the coalface and just weaving away and not doing anything exciting (!) at college. Also the last few weeks have been taken up by decorating the bedroom and making curtains. Interestingly I notice my approach to such things as curtain making has changed somewhat, whereas pre weaving I would have just rushed through it and said ‘oh that’ll do’ I am now much more focussed about these things. For instance I was not sure how square the fabric was so I sat and pulled a thread across the length of the fabric so I knew I had a straight line to cut along. That was done across 4 lengths of curtain fabric and 4 lengths of lining fabric. Scary. Although I have always done the hems by hand, there is something wonderful about a hem stitched by hand.

I should have blogged a few weeks ago as I had some work in an exhibition at The Brick Lane Gallery Annexe. We went along to the PV but it was mainly lots of people going and ‘being seen’. A group insisted on ‘being seen’ right in front of my big tapestry so no-one else could get to it. Apart from that it was a good experience, unfortunately nothing sold but often things turn up months later and it was all down to what someone saw at that exhibition, so here’s hoping. I didn’t blog about it but I did tweet and facebook so my social media skills are improving.

The next exhibition is at The Mill Gallery at Angmering, starting the 26th March and then goes onto Hastings Arts Forum in April. The theme is ‘Symbiosis’ and the piece I have just finished for it is this one:

Jones - Margaret - Living Together - Small FileIt is called ‘Living Together’ and is about the symbiotic relationship between man and machine. This relationship is also called ‘intelligence amplification (IA)’, ‘cognitive augmentation’ or ‘machine augmented intelligence’. It sounds a bit wacky these days but was around in the late 50’s and early 60’s. A psychologist and computer scientist called J.C.R. Licklider produced a paper called ‘Man-Computer Symbiosis’ and the whole thing just fascinated me. If you look it up on the internet there are articles suggesting that they can get rats to communicate ‘telepathically’ because there are computer chips implanted in their brains which can send messages via bluetooth type communications. Well, it must be true it is on the internet!

Strangely I have just been listening to an audio book called ‘Interface’ by Neal Stephenson and someone else (I think the guy that wrote Game of Thrones) and it is all about implanting and connecting computer chips into the brains of people who have had strokes. Well, it is SciFi but maybe not so much Fi as Sci? Obviously the book has far more plot than that and I found it when looking for some science fiction to listen to as I was brought up on Asimov and realised I hadn’t come across very much classic science fiction lately.

Up and coming news is:

In April I am demonstrating at Sutton Hoo for the weekend (9-10th April).

30th September – 2nd October I am teaching an ‘Introduction to Tapestry Weaving’ course at West Dean college.

I am about to buy a scaffold frame and start weaving a large piece to enter for next years Cordis Prize. It has to be done by October so it will be nose to the warp for a good few months. Shame I seem to have become allergic to wool. I am pretty sure it is wool that is making my eyes swell, blister and other really horrid things you do not wish to hear about here. So. Weaving whilst wearing swimming goggles, the latest fashion trend.

I will try to remember to post some images of the ‘Symbiosis’ private view.

Stop Press: West Dean have suggested I put on the exhibition ‘heallreaf 2’ in 2017 which is what I wanted to do but getting the space might not be as easy as last time so watch this space.

That’s definitely the end, see I just can’t stop once I start.