The exhibition at The Mill in Angmering went well and it has just opened in Hastings at The Hastings Art Forum. PV is Thursday night. Here are some images from Angmering:

Unfortunately it was night time and the lovely red blinds did nothing for the exhibition, it all looked better in the daylight.

Demonstrating at Sutton Hoo was okay. The Saturday was pouring with rain and cold and the Sunday was lovely weather, everyone kept saying on Saturday it would be busier on Sunday but it wasn’t, in fact I think it was a bit quieter because the weather was so nice everyone stayed outside and didn’t come into the house. Those I did talk to were very interested. One man asked about dyeing the yarn and when I explained all the ins and outs of dyeing protein yarns and cellulose yarns he called me a witch. You’d never have got Granny Weatherwax (may she rest in peace) faffing around with dyeing yarn and tapestry weaving.

It being quiet at Sutton Hoo I did manage to get a bit of weaving done and now back home I am warping up for a diptych I am hoping to complete in time to put it into the Cordis Prize next year. Unless they change their minds this is the third and final year of the Cordis Prize so I would really like to get something in for it but the standard is high and of course it does depend on whether they like your work. Ideally it will be two pieces each 1.4 x 0.8 metres but I am reconciled that I might not finish the two so may have to make do with just the one, although I will still do the two to exhibit together in the future.

The warping up is trying, I am warping the 6 foot high frame at 8 ends to the inch (it was easier than ‘almost 3 to the centimetre’) and it is double warped and without a shed, so that is 8 x 30 inches x 2 which means I have had to wind the warp round the frame 480 times if my arithmetic is correct. I am only able to do an inch or so at a time because the bending right down to the floor and then stretching up over the top of the frame is doing my constitution no good what so ever. I have just send the images off to the printers to get the right size for the cartoon and then tomorrow I am using the dye room at West Dean to dye some of the yarn. I don’t expect to get it all done but I have been sampling at home and so hope to go in with all the dyes and chemicals in little pots and the yarn wet and all ready to go the minute I get in there, although it will take a while for the baths to warm up so maybe I won’t bother being quite so prepared. I might have to take my knitting or some weaving to do whilst the yarn boils, it can take up to an hour for each batch.

The good news is that the allergy I experienced has now gone. I don’t think it was sheeps wool but I am thinking it was the alpaca. They say it is one of the most hypoallergenic yarns you can get, although since I have mentioned it several people have said ‘ooh alpaca, it’s got a reputation you know’ and there has been much sucking of teeth. What sort of reputation alpaca has I don’t know, does it wear short skirts and stay out late at night drinking? Sorry my mind went there for a minute.

So I have a cardigan with one front and two thirds of the other front knitted and am not quite sure what to do next with it. In the old days I would have given it to Mum to finish but she isn’t up to it now and anyway it is modular knitting which I am not sure she would ever have taken to being somewhat a traditionalist when it comes to knitting (and many other things too). I think I will wait until things calm down and then just knit the odd module every now and then. Once it is finished it might be less of an irritant if it is washed or I will have to find someone to give it to which might be tricky as it is in heathery purple and greens, not everyones favourite colour scheme.